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The Stars Align
Episode overview
Ed and Carol's close encounter is interrupted by Bonnie Hane; Ed defends Warren on a charge of criminal negligence after Warren brings a keg of beer to a party and an underage drinker .. show full overview
Episode overview
When a client changes his name and his image, Ed decides to follow his lead; Molly tries to catch the eye of a bowling alley equipment salesman; Mike takes drastic measures to find ""the last straw"" which will end the impasse with Dr. Jerome.
A Job Well Done
Episode overview
Carol and the new principal face off on ""The Great Gatsby""; Mike and Nancy debate over whether to try for Baby #2; Phil goes all out to find a missing bowling ball, ""The Devastator"", .. show full overview
Crazy Time
Episode overview
Ed's on the case after a bitter kid's show host talks a young boy into running away; Molly gives up on wooing Jim; Warren comes up with the worst idea ever on how to impress his classmates.
Episode overview
Carol asks Ed to help her friend Sonja, whose husband Andy wants a divorce after discovering that Sonja had advertised herself in a mail-order-bride catalog before they met. Sonja is .. show full overview
Episode overview
Carol is infuriated when Dennis cancels the annual budget meeting for all faculty. The entire faculty bands together to get rid of Dennis, including writing his end of the first semester .. show full overview
The New World
Episode overview
Ed represents Dennis in a minor fender-bender case, but when the other party's lawyer asks for an exorbiant amount of money, Dennis insists they settle in order to close the case; Ed .. show full overview
Goodbye Sadie
Episode overview
Ed represents a teacher who admits to refusing to cast a talented African American in a play--as Abraham Lincoln; Warren gets an image makeover; Molly resists her boyfriend's efforts to get her a new car.
Charity Cases
Episode overview
Ed becomes the anti-Claus after a wealthy client gives Stuckeyville a Christmas gift he really can't afford, forcing the bowling-alley bunch to host a frenzied fund-raiser. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Small Town Guys
Episode overview
Hoping to turn the case into a First Amendment issue to be heard by the Supreme Court, a celebrity lawyer offers to help Ed defend an ex-classmate being sued by a woman for embarrassing .. show full overview
Two Days of Freedom
Episode overview
Carol breaks Ed's heart with a lie about her relationship with Dennis, who gives Miss Vessey cause to reconsider romance with him. Meanwhile, a Stuckeyville woman hires Ed to watch over .. show full overview
Ends and Means
Episode overview
Ed represents a woman who embezzled money from her insurance company employer to pay for a claimant's liver transplant, and breaches his own ethics to keep her out of jail. Nancy tries .. show full overview
Youth Bandits
Episode overview
Ed and Carol disagree about the propriety of reuniting Ed's high school garage band to play at the funeral of the band's songwriter; Warren spends a blissfull week dating Jessica and .. show full overview
Things To Do Today
Episode overview
A beautiful, off-beat woman blows into town and sweeps Ed off his feet, while encouraging him to face his fears and live life to the fullest; everyone gets more than they bargained for .. show full overview
Nice Guys Finish Last
Episode overview
Ed helps a wimpy lawyer negotiate with a trucking company that is disturbing Stuckeyville's peace by routing its rigs through town; Carol regrets asking Dennis to critique one of her .. show full overview
Wheel of Justice
Episode overview
Ed winds up behind bars and in over his head after his favorite judge displays some outlandish courtroom behavior; Phil runs a boot camp for clowns to find the perfect one for a .. show full overview
Episode overview
Ed's fast-talking big brother blows into town and ropes Ed into a risky plan to glam up Stuckeybowl; Nancy's Internet chat buddy turns out to be a little younger, but a lot older-acting .. show full overview
Episode overview
Mike is sued for sexual harassment by a nurse at his office, and he reluctantly agrees to let Ed represent him. The long-time friends have a short-term but serious falling-out when a .. show full overview
The Shot
Episode overview
On the 15th anniversary of his missing the foul shot that led to Stuckeyville High's losing the championship, Ed looks to rewrite history by reenacting the moment and making the shot .. show full overview
Power of the Person
Episode overview
Ed agrees to coach the Stuckeyville High ""Quiz Bowl"" team and clashes with Dennis over a team member who's scholastically challenged; Dennis falls off the wagon; Phil tries to promote .. show full overview
Memory Lane
Episode overview
The news that Dennis and Carol have moved in together has Ed scrambling to find the perfect way to revisit the past and win her back; Dennis decides to run for president of the senior .. show full overview
Last Chance
Episode overview
Ed wrestles with his nervousness about taking what he believes to be his last chance to tell Carol exactly how he feels after he discovers that she and Dennis are going away for the .. show full overview