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The Neighbor
Episode overview
Randy makes small talk with a neighbor about the neighbor's shed. After the neighbor mentions that he has a false arm, they are interrupted by a passing helicopter. Randy swears and .. show full overview
The Treadmill
Episode overview
While watching a football game on TV, Randy loses his temper when his wife disturbs him by running on a noisy treadmill. Randy attempts - with disastrous results - to destroy the .. show full overview
The Doctor
Episode overview
After Randy shocks himself while trying to fix a broken lamp, a doctor arrives to test the dazed man's pain threshold, using increasingly violent methods, until Randy finally regains his senses and decides to do some testing of his own.
A Friend Visits
Episode overview
Randy destroys his wife's new clothesline and throws it over the fence, causing a catastrophic car wreck. Then Randy's friend visits and the two talk about hunting and killing things, all the while drinking, burping, and farting.
Get the Stick!
Episode overview
A screaming man crashes through Randy's fence with a wooden stick wedged in his mouth. Sparky cheers his dad on as he tries to get the stick out. Randy breaks the man's neck and pokes .. show full overview
My Teeth Are Bleeding
Episode overview
Sparky is bouncing on a trampoline in the front room yelling that his teeth are bleeding, while the wife yammers until blood starts pouring out of her head. Outside on the street violent .. show full overview
Uncle Bob
Episode overview
Randy is given the charge from an intimidating figure (his mother-in-law), to stay home and watch after his "Uncle Bob" at peril of having his "nuts cut out" if he does not comply. Uncle .. show full overview
Episode overview
Randy is plagued by an increasing stream of ants into his home. His frustrations rise to the point that he grabs a can of insect killer and attempts to eliminate his ant problem. In his .. show full overview