Curb Your Enthusiasm

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The Larry David Sandwich
Episode overview
As the Jewish high holy days approach, a near-death experience, coupled with a comment made by his father, leaves Larry wondering if there's more to his identity than he thought. In .. show full overview
The Bowtie
Episode overview
Larry seeks professional help to secure information about his past. Meanwhile, his place as a gay rights supporter hits a snag.
The Christ Nail
Episode overview
A undergarment purchase for his housekeeper lands Larry in hot water, while his father-in-law's fondness for The Passion of the Christ comes in handy more than once.
Kamikaze Bingo
Episode overview
Larry wonders how a Japanese WWII veteran can call himself a kamikaze, and feels a nursing home bingo game may not be on the up-and-up.
Lewis Needs a Kidney
Episode overview
When Richard Lewis finds out he needs a kidney transplant, he finds two friends who match him, leaving them to decide who "gets" to give up their organ.
The Smoking Jacket
Episode overview
His father's smoking jacket and "bathroom contamination" cause grief for Larry.
The Seder
Episode overview
Cheryl puts on a Passover Seder, which Larry promptly finds numerous ways to ruin.
The Ski Lift
Episode overview
Anticipating having to give a kidney to Richard Lewis, Larry tries to develop a contingency plan should he need a kidney donation himself. Meanwhile, a nurse claims Jeff has some shortcomings.
The Korean Bookie
Episode overview
Larry has his jacket borrowed without permission, but he manages to end up the bad guy. Meanwhile, his investigation into what happened to Jeff's missing dog, Oscar, leads him to suspect his Korean bookie.
The End
Episode overview
Larry finally learns the truth regarding his possible adoption, and makes his final decision about a kidney donation for Richard Lewis.