CSI: Cyber

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  • Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller



Kidnapping 2.0
Episode overview
Special agent Avery Ryan and her team of FBI cyber analysts investigate a case of hacked baby monitors.
Episode overview
Agent Avery Ryan and her cyber team investigate a roller coaster crash caused by someone who found a way to hack into the ride’s internal computer.
Killer En Route
Episode overview
The cyber team investigates when a car service company's dispatch software is hacked in order to target certain passengers.
Fire Code
Episode overview
Ryan and her team are alerted to a new cyber threat when they discover that arsonists have a new, less traceable way to start fires in homes – by hacking into the owners’ printers and laptops via a software patch.
Crowd Sourced
Episode overview
The Cyber team must track down a bomber fixated on revealing the “truth” about society’s overreliance on technology.
The Evil Twin
Episode overview
Avery and her team investigate the murder of a woman whose electronic devices indicate that she was alive for three days after her official time of death.
URL, Interrupted
Episode overview
The Cyber team investigates when a high school victim of intense cyberbullying by her classmates pledges to retaliate.
Selfie 2.0
Episode overview
The cyber team investigates the abductions of young women whose social network pages are being kept up to date. Also, Ryan helps Trish McCarthy cope with the death of Trish’s sister, Ryan’s former psych patient.
Episode overview
The cyber crime team investigates when nine planes that departed from the same airport face a coordinated Wi-Fi attack while in flight.
Click Your Poison
Episode overview
Special Agent Avery Ryan and her team investigate when a man dies after taking medication he purchased from a hacked ad on a medical website.
Ghost in the Machine
Episode overview
The cyber team tracks a killer who hacks into a popular online game and tricks gamers into delivering illegal weapons.
Bit by Bit
Episode overview
Avery and the team investigate when a power outage in Detroit is used to mask a jewelry store robbery-homicide in which the jewels weren’t the target.
Family Secrets
Episode overview
Avery confronts the hacker who released her patients’ information when she was a psychologist, and Krumitz confronts the man who murdered his parents.