Criminal Justice

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  • BBC One
  • Crime Drama Mystery



Episode 1
Episode overview
Ben is accused of murder after a drunken and drugged night out. Ben's barrister will stop at nothing the prove that he is innocent.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Ben's legal team decide to try and come up with a deal with the prosecution but it will mean Ben has to lie whilst being questioned. Ben makes an enemy whilst being held on remand.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Ben's new defense barrister comes up with a plan that could see Ben being able to walk free. Ben will be forced to lie once again about events which happened on the night of the murder.
Episode 4
Episode overview
The prosecution attempts to make Ben look bad when he is questioned on the stand. Stone and Frances continue to look for evidence that could clear Ben's name.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Stone continues to try and get Ben acquitted as the day of reckoning beckons. Frances continues to try and uncover the truth about what really happened on the night of the murder.