Conviction (UK)

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  • BBC Three
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  • Crime Drama



Episode 1
Episode overview
The brutal murder of a child leads police to a local paedophile. With emotions running high, some of them are tempted to take the law into their own hands.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Joe and Chrissie start to face the consequences of what happened that night in the woods. Meanwhile, the one and only suspect for the killing of Little Angela has been proven innocent. .. show full overview
Episode 3
Episode overview
As the police close in on Angela's killers, the investigation is turned on its head. Chrissie has found a witness who saw something on the night that Buliegh went missing, and Joe has to go to extreme lengths to cover their tracks.
Episode 4
Episode overview
A dramatic turn of events finds Chrissie and Joe as heroes in a dangerous siege, but they are still haunted by guilt. Meanwhile, dark secrets are emerging from Ray's family history.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Joe and Chrissie's relationship is close to breaking point as new evidence emerges from the woods, while Ray is finally confronting his family's dark secrets.
Episode 6
Episode overview
The Magnolia Street police are closing in on Jason Buliegh's killer. Joe's efforts to cover things up are attracting more and more suspicion. Will he save his own skin, or will he take Chrissie down with him?