Bad Girls (1999)

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Series 8 - Episode 1
Episode overview
New Deputy Governor Lou Stoke has her work cut out on her first day at Larkhall when a sudden illness starts striking down the inmates. As rumours of a chemical attack start to spread, .. show full overview
Series 8 - Episode 2
Episode overview
Donny Kimber and Lou escort Janine to her mother's funeral, unaware that Natalie has blackmailed their grieving charge into smuggling drugs back into Larkhall. New SMO Rowan Dunlop, .. show full overview
Series 8 - Episode 3
Episode overview
New arrival Angela Robbins has been sent down for arson and attempted murder. She looks like she wouldn't say boo to a goose, but she is hiding a disturbing secret that is about to be .. show full overview
Series 8 - Episode 4
Episode overview
Joy is delighted when inmate Stella Gough decides that she wants to join the army. However, is Stella being completely honest about why she wants to join up? Janine starts using drugs .. show full overview
Series 8 - Episode 5
Episode overview
Julie S gets good news from her son. It gets steamy between Janine and Donny when they use an "appointment" to get to know each other a little more intimately. Will they manage to keep .. show full overview
Series 8 - Episode 6
Episode overview
Lou and Vicky fall out following Vicky's suicide bid. It's the day of David and Fidelity's wedding and Pat's plan to get rid of Natalie backfires dramatically. As a massive fight ensues, .. show full overview
Series 8 - Episode 7
Episode overview
Tina's in court and hoping for an extended sentence. But when the Judge grants her release, she panics - she has absolutely no idea how to live on the outside. The Julies find Natalie and help Pat to hide her body.
Series 8 - Episode 8
Episode overview
Tina is returned to Larkhall and almost kills herself when she self harms. Vicky becomes a Music teacher at Larkhall. Pat and the Julies are sweating over what to do with Natalie's dead .. show full overview
Series 8 - Episode 9
Episode overview
Lou is glowing after a surprise marriage proposal from Rowan. She's totally unaware that he has no intention of divorcing his wife, or that he is supplying her sister with drugs. Janine .. show full overview
Series 8 - Episode 10
Episode overview
Famous new inmate, entrepreneur and interior design goddess Catherine Earlham decides to make Darlene a pawn in her twisted and dangerous game. Sylvia becomes acting G-Wing Governor, .. show full overview
Christmas Special 2006
Episode overview
It's been a tough Christmas Eve on G-Wing, but things look to get even worse when Sylvia receives a nightmare visit from her very own ghost of Christmas past - Natalie Buxton.