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Finders Keepers
Episode overview
Jake Swithin visits the Grange and falls foul of all the usual suspects. This week's weapons are: walking stick, dagger, lady's scarf, steak hammer, wine-bottle and sword.
Seven Deadly Sinners
Episode overview
Sir Nigel Hussey magnificently lives up to his name, but expires less elegantly. The possible weapons lying around the house are: flame thrower, G-string, golf club, poisonous snake, crossbow and automatic pistol.
The Word, The Flesh And The Devil
Episode overview
Candice Costello quickly becomes one of the show's most beautiful murder victims to date. But was she done in with a fire poker, a battery charger, a pair of scissors, a meat cleaver, an .. show full overview
The Hanged Man
Episode overview
Marjorie Hunt, an old friend of Mrs White, comes to stay at the Grange. Unfortunately for her, she is a psychic and unwisely gives a Tarot card reading for some of the regulars on the .. show full overview
Where There's a Will
Episode overview
After Mrs White inherits a small fortune, all the Grange's inhabitants start treating her rather differently. Then city slicker Terence Radcliffe persuades her to put all her money into .. show full overview
Publish and Be Damned
Episode overview
Journalist Daniel Peacock arrives at the Grange to write a book about a former royal resident, and several people still around feel threatened and are determined to stop him... so .. show full overview