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Great Sword
Episode overview
A village is tormented by a Yoma, which is a demon that has disguised itself as a human it has eaten. As a last resort the Chief of the village has ask for the help from a Claymore, who .. show full overview
The Black Card
Episode overview
It doesn't take much effort for Clare to quickly complete her job and so Clare and Raki are off while she waits for another job. A strange man from the organization comes to give Clare a .. show full overview
Darkness in Paradise
Episode overview
Rabona the Holy City that does not allow the entry of unnatural beings is being preyed upon by a Yoma and as a last resort, have to disobey their own laws and called for help. So Clare .. show full overview
Clare's Awakening
Episode overview
Clare becomes seriously injured in her fight with the Yoma and just before the Yoma could finish them off it is interrupted and quickly escapes. Clare is then taken back to the inn to .. show full overview
Teresa of the Faint Smile
Episode overview
Another Claymore known as Teresa has appeared in a town where she quickly dispatches a Yoma, with no effort. She is well-known as for her nickname 'Teresa of the Faint Smile' because she .. show full overview
Teresa and Clare
Episode overview
After naming the girl who was following her, Clare; Teresa is heading towards the town of Rokut to drop her off. At night while they are resting in the woods, the man whose arm was .. show full overview
Marked for Death
Episode overview
Two more Claymores have appeared, Sophia and Noel who have entered a town that has become a Yoma hive, don't require much effort to eradicate the hordes of Yoma. There are still some .. show full overview
Episode overview
Continuing where the battle left off, Teresa of the Faint Smile will now have to face the Numbers 2-5 Claymores, who have released their full power. Knowing that she has never need to .. show full overview
Those Who Rend Asunder (1)
Episode overview
Three Claymores arrive in the town of Toriro to only find Clare, who has already taken care of the Yomas. It is revealed that what Clare defeated in the Holy City was not a Voracious .. show full overview
Those Who Rend Asunder (2)
Episode overview
The team of Claymore reach the mountains and are surprised by what they encounter, a Male Awakened One. Another Claymore and a handler are watching the battle from a distance, but what .. show full overview
Those Who Rend Asunder (3)
Episode overview
By working together, Miria and Clare were able to defeat the Male Awakened One, which surprised the handler observing the battle but the team are left with injuries all over the place. .. show full overview
The Endless Gravestones (1)
Episode overview
Following her recent experience in the mountains Clare is back to her jobs of taking care of Yoma, accompanied by Raki. In the light of her recent change in personality Clare has been .. show full overview
The Endless Gravestones (2)
Episode overview
Clare has separated from Raki in order to save him from the merciless Ophelia, who is currently pursuing Clare. It doesn't take long for Ophelia to catch up with Clare, where she is .. show full overview
To Be Qualified to Fight
Episode overview
Clare continues her intensive training with the former no.2 Irene and she doesn't seem to be improving much, without her dominant arm. Clare and Irene later part ways but not before .. show full overview
The Witch's Maw (1)
Episode overview
The Organization is getting uneasy of no. 47 Clare, after receiving no contact from her for three months. Following recent events, they end up taking drastic measures by sending out a .. show full overview
The Witch's Maw (2)
Episode overview
Clare has joined the hunt for the Awakened One, in the mountains of Zakol, to save the no. 9 "Jeane". Things seem odd to begin with, as Clare enters the eerie lair, with an irregular .. show full overview
The Witch's Maw (3)
Episode overview
Following the events of the previous episode, Clare has managed to make it to Jeane, in order to rescue her, nevertheless she is too late. Galatea continues her battle with the newly .. show full overview
The Carnage In the North (1)
Episode overview
After what occurred in the mountains of Zakol, Jeane is accompanying Clare until she can return her favour however Clare already feels thankful to her because she is now able to fully .. show full overview
The Carnage In the North (2)
Episode overview
Awakened Beings have launched a surprise attack on the city of Pieta, forcing the teams of Claymores to begin their battles against these unbeatable creatures. Even with these incredibly .. show full overview
The Carnage In the North (3)
Episode overview
In the Northern country Raki is with two surprisingly helpful people however he is unaware that these two are the two most powerful Awakened Ones in the area; "Priscilla" and "Person of .. show full overview
Invasion of Pieta (1)
Episode overview
Having just heard the news of what happened in the City of Pieta, Isley has ordered his entire army of 27 Awakened beings to annihilate the Claymores located there. With the probability .. show full overview
Invasion of Pieta (2)
Episode overview
Rigardo also known as "The Silver-Eyed Lion King" has begun his rampage by targeting all the Captains. With four Captains down, in the end, just how many will survive this as the light .. show full overview
Critical Point (1)
Episode overview
The fight rages on and while battling with the unbeatable Rigardo, Clare has inadvertently awakened partially and dealt a deadly blow. With her new found abilities Clare has proven .. show full overview
Critical Point (2)
Episode overview
The immense battle between the partially Awakened Clare and Rigardo is now over, though Clare has paid a terrible price for this and is on the verge of completely Awakening. Priscilla is .. show full overview
For Whose Sake
Episode overview
In the middle of an active volcano, Clare and Priscilla are finally going to face-off and even in her partially Awakened form Clare is still not any closer to being a match for former .. show full overview
To the Successors
Episode overview
The battle between the two awesome powers Clare and Priscilla reaches its climax as Clare somehow manages to gather the strength and determination to go on. Raki and Jeane have also .. show full overview