Childrens Hospital

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Kids Hospital
Episode overview
In the seventh season premiere, the doctors find new jobs at a crosstown hospital after being fired by Blake, who turns to a life of crime with his brother, Sir Tinklebutton.
One Million Saved
Episode overview
A rare disease surfaces and the doctors search for a cure at the remains of the original Childrens Hospital with Val's alter-ego. Elsewhere: the other doctors try to save their one millionth patient.
Sy's Tenure
Episode overview
When Sy gets tenure, he wants to use his influence to build a consumer jetpack; Chief is stranded on a dance pedestal; Owen learns how hard it is to be hospital DJ.
Doctor Beth
Episode overview
Nurse Beth's origins in the Childrens Hospital basement, where she must navigate the social hierarchy of the nurses.
The Show You Watch
Episode overview
A 1950s variety show is recalled, revealing the origins of the "Childrens Hospital."
The crew go to the Doctor of the Year Convention.
Show Me a Hero
Episode overview
Dr. Cat Black has a faith crisis and the resident spiritual leaders try to convert her. Also: Glenn becomes frustrated when he doesn't feel like he's getting enough credit for playing second bass in a punk band.
By the Throat
Episode overview
Owen gets caught up in a conspiracy when the hospital runs out of tongue depressors.
Childrens Horsepital
Episode overview
A race horse is pursued by a mob boss, so Chief hides the animal in the hospital. Elsewhere: Lola's college barbershop quartet tries to get her back and Glenn glues Blake's hands to latex gloves.
Through the Eyes of a Falcon
Episode overview
An actor invites the cast to a photography exhibition where their secrets are revealed in a behind-the-scenes episode.
Grandparents' Day
Episode overview
Grandparents visit the workplace for "Bring Your Grandparents to Work Day."
Hump Cola
Episode overview
A break room fencing mishap leads to a lucrative business opportunity. Blake suspects that Glenn is fighting an addiction.
The Grid (1)
Episode overview
A possible gas leak causes hallucinations for Glenn and Owen and makes Lola fear a doctor is following her, but the true cause puts the hospital's future in jeopardy.
The Grid (2)
Episode overview
The doctors of Children's Hospital must come to terms with a devastating development.