Cherish the Day

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Rain Has Drops
Episode overview
Chef Sunday St. James travels home from Atlanta to New Orleans to visit her aging father and reunites with her first love, Ellis. They reminisce about their past and confide in one another about their lives.
Sun Has Shine
Episode overview
Ellis and Sunday take a long drive to visit Sunday’s grandmother during which they share their dreams with one another and reflect on the past. After a beautiful day together, things go awry when Sunday makes a move on Ellis.
Moon Has Beams
Episode overview
A camera crew films Sunday to promote her restaurant, Vegan Food Collective. Ellis unexpectedly arrives at the restaurant during filming and asks Sunday for a second chance. After an .. show full overview
That Make You Mine
Episode overview
Ellis nearly misses an event honoring Sunday so that he can help his ex-wife and child with some car trouble. Ellis and Sunday later have a heart-to-heart, but their reconciliation is interrupted by Anastasia’s unexpected arrival.
Rivers Have Banks
Episode overview
Ellis apologizes to Sunday for the unexpected encounter with his ex-wife last night and invites her over to family dinner to meet his daughters. Sunday is met with defeat and disappointment when she struggles to win over Everly.
Sands for Shores
Episode overview
After experiencing an overwhelming day, Sunday looks forward to a surprise Ellis has planned, but new doubts about their relationship surface when Danny surprises Anastasia with a marriage proposal.
Hearts Have Heartbeats
Episode overview
Sunday hosts a premiere party at the Vegetarian Food Collective, but the celebration takes a turn when Hosea stops by with a big surprise and gets competitive with Ellis.
That Make Me Yours
Episode overview
When Sunday catches Anastasia kissing Ellis on her wedding day, it seems to be the end of her relationship with Ellis. However, Ellis is not ready to give up without a fight — but could it be too late?