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Episode 1
Episode overview
Detective Ellie Miller returns from holiday to find that her promotion to inspector was given to an outsider, named Alec Hardy, and that the son of her close friend has supposedly committed suicide.
Episode 2
Episode overview
As the mystery around Danny's death deepens, DI Hardy and DS Miller must work fast to identify the key suspects.
Episode 3
Episode overview
The discovery of the murder scene leads Hardy and Miller to arrest a startling suspect in Danny's murder.
Episode 4
Episode overview
The aftershocks of Danny's murder continue to ripple through the town, as friends and neighbors' lives come under scrutiny.
Episode 5
Episode overview
As Hardy and Ellie come under fire, the people of Broadchurch start to turn against each other.
Episode 6
Episode overview
The town of Broadchurch comes together to mourn. In doing so, a new suspect in the murder of Danny Latimer comes to light.
Episode 7
Episode overview
Hardy knows his time is running out to solve Danny's murder - will the discovery of a vital clue finally unlock the case?
Episode 8
Episode overview
Shock, rather than relief, takes hold of Broadchurch as Hardy finally discovers who murdered Danny Latimer.