Breakthrough (2016)

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Mars Perseverance: The Hunt Begins
Episode overview
Mars Perseverance Rover is in its final cruise stages preparing for its historic Feb 18 landing on the red planet. We take you inside the harrowing landing, the science mission, and .. show full overview
Peru's Mysterious Cloud Warriors
Episode overview
Archaeologists and geneticists are uncovering surprising details about one of the most mysterious civilizations in Pre-Incan South America. While many are familiar with the Incas…few .. show full overview
Noah's Ark for the Humans
Episode overview
Our bodies are habitats for bacteria, and many of the microbes are beneficial to us. Scientists believe that within a few decades many useful microbes will have disappeared … so they .. show full overview
Saving the Right Whale
Episode overview
The North Atlantic Right Whale is on the verge of extinction. The leading cause of death and injury to the whales is from ship strikes or entanglement in fishing lines. In this .. show full overview
Decoding Megalodon
Episode overview
By examining countless Megalodon teeth from around the world, scientists have concluded that "meg" was able to achieve its gargantuan proportions by starting its carnivorous diet early -- in the womb.
Drones in Space: Mars to Titan
Episode overview
Drones have already conquered Earth, and now they're heading out into the solar system. The Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity is proving to be successful and will pave the way for Dragonfly, a future daring mission to Titan.
First Human Link
Episode overview
65 million years ago, an immense space rock slammed into Earth, creating the equivalent of nuclear winter, killing all of the dinosaurs. Now, a team of scientists believes there was a .. show full overview
Super Spider Silk
Episode overview
From their unique predatory behaviors to the web masterpieces they weave, science is revealing big breakthroughs about spiders and their super strong and flexible silks.
Egypt's Lost City
Episode overview
Nearly a century after the discovery of king Tut's tomb, archaeologists uncover the lost city of Luxor revealing new details about the Golden Era of ancient Egypt.
Secrets of Dog's Nose
Episode overview
A dog's sense of smell can do amazing things. Dogs can help humans sniff out all kinds of things that improve our lives, explosives, missing persons, illegal' drugs. Now the latest revealing that dogs can detect disease, even cancer.
Ocean Twilight Zone
Episode overview
A team of scientists embarks on a quest to explore the mesopelagic zone or ocean twilight zone which sits beneath the surface of the ocean and stretches around the world. This mysterious .. show full overview
ICARUS: Tracking Creatures From Space
Episode overview
The ICARUS system monitors the movements and behaviors of Earth's creatures from space. An antenna mounted on the international Space Station receives data from tiny trackers attached to .. show full overview
Voyage to Venus
Episode overview
For the first time in decades, NASA is sending two new missions to Venus designed to study and explore the planet's atmosphere and earth-like composition. Together, DAVINCI and VERITAS .. show full overview
Building The James Webb Telescope
Episode overview
This is the epic story of the James Webb Space Telescope, told first-hand by the scientists who developed it. Building the largest, most advanced, and most expensive telescope ever made .. show full overview