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Against the Crowd: Murrain
Episode overview
A young country vet begins to suspect that the local farmland is under the spell of a witch.
Special Offer
Episode overview
A misfit teenage checkout operator has an unrequited crush on her supermarket manager. At the same shop's cuddly cartoon mascot seems to have come alive and is causing havoc.
During Barty's Party
Episode overview
A suburban couple are held under siege by a pack of frighteningly intelligent rats.
Buddy Boy
Episode overview
When a nightclub owner buys a derelict dolphinarium, he and a young woman seem to be haunted by the ghost of Buddy Boy, the star attraction.
Episode overview
A young couple move to the countryside and discover a strange mummified animal in the wall of their cottage. The wife increasingly feels that she and her unborn child are in danger.
What Big Eyes
Episode overview
An RSPCA officer is horrified when he discovers a pet shop owner has been conducting experiments on a wolf, searching for proof of lycanthropy.
The Dummy
Episode overview
A washed-up actor has a nervous breakdown and believes that he really is the movie monster that he has been hired to play.