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Mad as a Hatter
Episode overview
Alice's biggest fan gets his hands on Mad Hatter's mind-control top hat, and goes on a crime spree.
Loose Tooth
Episode overview
Batwoman is forced to team up with Alice to hunt down the new Killer Croc. Meanwhile, Ryan meets her birth mother.
Episode overview
Ryan confronts her biological mother and gets a surprising offer from her new brother. Meanwhile, the Bat Team searches for a canister containing Mr. Freeze's cold agent.
Episode overview
The Bat Team discovers that someone is using a variation of Mr. Freeze's freezing compound to experiment on freezing kidnapped people and reviving them - and Sophie's sister Jordan is the next target.
A Lesson from Professor Pyg
Episode overview
Ryan asks Sophie to accompany her to a dinner at Jada's to do recon on what her estranged mother knows about Wayne Enterprises; as the terrifying evening unfolds, Ryan witnesses another side of Marquis and her mother.
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Episode overview
An unnerving discovery in a garden shed sends Renee Montoya to ensure the city is on high alert; Alice is suspiciously eager to help the bat team and Sophie seeks vengeance involving her sister.
Pick Your Poison
Episode overview
As Ryan’s family dynamic grows more complicated, she also finds herself in the middle of a Bat Team stand-off between Luke and Mary. Meanwhile, Alice finds a new sidekick to do her bidding.
Trust Destiny
Episode overview
While Mary and Alice continue their sisterly bonding, Ryan, Luke, and Sophie are willing to do almost anything to stop them; Renee is forced to revisit her heartbreaking past.
Meet Your Maker
Episode overview
Ryan, Sophie and Luke attempt to track down the original Poison Ivy when all signs point to Pamela Isley's reappearance in Gotham; Mary feels drawn by a powerful force; Alice suddenly feels very protective for her stepsister.
Episode overview
Batwoman's hands are full as she juggles Jada's demands, Mary's ever-increasing power and a new romantic entanglement; Batwoman races against the clock to once again save the city and those closest to her.
Broken Toys
Episode overview
Just when it seems things can't get worse, Batwoman's identity is once again at risk of being exposed; some of Gotham's most villainous unite; Sophie joins Luke on a mission; Alice gets into Mary's head.
We're All Mad Here
Episode overview
Ryan, Sophie and Jada come together to formulate a plan to stop Marquis; Mary seeks to make amends for the harm she did as Poison Ivy; Alice continues to spiral out of control and contends with her mental demons.
We Having Fun Yet?
Episode overview
Batwoman and a panicked Bat Team must race against the clock as Marquis' nefarious plan balloons into something Gotham would never have suspected; a final stand-off between brother and sister puts Ryan's life and new love on the line.