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Episode overview
Bibi has some competition with Nightwing’s motorcycle, Nightbike. Always trying to one-up each other, these stunt bikes will need to learn that they’re better when they work together.
Bat-Light Blow-Out
Episode overview
When Ducky and Quizz steal the Bat-Signal’s one-of-a-kind lightbulb, Bam and Batwing must find a way to restore the legendary light so Batman knows when Gotham needs him.
Kitty's Sleepover
Episode overview
Kitty is staying over at the Batcave for a sleepover, but getting her to lie down for a catnap is no easy task as the Batwheels have to find creative ways to get her to sleep.
Mission: Stuffed Animal
Episode overview
When Redbird takes one of Buff's stuffed animals without asking and it accidentally gets swiped by the Legion of Zoom, Red enlists Bam to help him make a daring rescue.
Follow the Bouncing Bam
Episode overview
When Bam is covered in super bouncy Bounce X goo during a chase with Prank, he must learn to embrace and use his newfound bouncing abilities to his advantage if he's going to put a stop to Prank's latest scheme.