BattleBots (2015)

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The Battle Begins: Qualifiers (1)
On the first night, 8 teams converge in an arena of minefield and hazards for the ultimate shot at glory during the Qualifiers round. Each match consists of a single 3-minute bout to try to completely destroy or disable the opponent.
Crunch Time: Qualifiers (2)
The remaining teams face off during the 2nd Qualifiers. In addition to the 8 battles, 4 wild card teams will be selected to round out the championship round of 16.
Full Metal Bracket: Round of 16 (1)
The championship round of 16 begins with eight teams battling to move on and avoid elimination.
Last Chance to Advance: Round of 16 (2)
The championship round of 16 concludes with the eight remaining teams battling to move on to the Quarterfinals. Lock-Jaw v Overhaul Bronco v Witch Doctor
The Great 8: Quarterfinals
Eight teams compete in the quarterfinals to determine who moves on to the Semifinals.
One Bot Rules Them All: The Championship
Four teams compete in the Semifinals and then the two victors face off in the Championship Final.