Back to the Rafters

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Kung Pao Chicken
Episode overview
Julie Rafter’s life is thrown into confusion when, after six years away, a city reunion reveals crises in the lives of the rest of the Rafters and causes her to question her own country town happiness.
Cross Currents
Episode overview
While Dave has taken Julie back to Buradeena to persuade her to settle back there, Ruby stays with her brothers in the city and becomes the next climate change social media sensation.
Issues Management
Episode overview
When Rachel comes home to secure Ruby as youth ambassador for one of her New York clients, she surprises everyone by arriving pregnant; further complicating everyone's lives.
The Most Together One in the Family
Episode overview
When compared to the rest of the Rafters, Ben thinks his life is looking up. But Cassie is harbouring a truth that will tear his blissful ignorance apart.
Episode overview
Nathan finds self-reflection and healing at a wellness retreat in Buradeena. Meanwhile, Julie is forced to a conclusion about her future with Dave, and Ruby takes a stand against internet trolls.
Pinch Me Linda
Episode overview
Finally accepting that their parents might indeed be contemplating separate lives, Ben and Nathan propose desperate measures to save their parents' role model marriage.