True Detective

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The Great War and Modern Memory
The disappearance of a young Arkansas boy and his sister in 1980 triggers vivid memories and enduring questions for retired detective Wayne Hays, who worked the case 35 years ago with .. show full overview
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Hays looks back at the aftermath of the 1980 Purcell case in West Finger, AR, including possible evidence left behind at the Devil's Den, an outdoor hangout for local kids. As attention .. show full overview
The Big Never
Hays recalls his early romance with Amelia, as well as some cracks in their relationship that surfaced after they married and had children. Ten years after the Purcell crimes took place, .. show full overview
The Hour and the Day
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If You Have Ghosts
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Hunters in the Dark
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The Final Country
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Now Am Found
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