The Real Housewives of Potomac

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Don't Let the Zip Code Fool Ya
Gizelle and Charrisse’s friendship hangs in the balance following Gizelle's shocking accusation that Charrisse is cheating on her husband. When the two ladies finally get together to .. show full overview
All Tea, All Shade
Gizelle finds a new love interest in an old friend, while Ashley and Michael's inability to mix business with pleasure continues to create tension in their marriage. The women (finally) .. show full overview
Hold Your Horses
The ladies of Potomac get decked out in their best hats and are off to the races for one of Baltimore's elite events, The Preakness Stakes. Charrisse continues to reinvent her life by .. show full overview
Mother Knows Best
When Gizelle's mom comes to visit, she finds herself on a date with her new boyfriend AND her mom. Charrisse a.k.a "Cha-Cha" throws her daughter a lavish Sweet 16 birthday party, but .. show full overview
Kick the Trick Out
Monique hosts all of the ladies for a friendly card game of spades, but this house of cards comes crumbling down when she is pushed to kick Gizelle out of her home. Charrisse attempts to .. show full overview
Messy Games
After Gizelle is kicked out of Monique's party with her coat between her legs, Ashley continues to shuffle the deck -- and deals Charrisse a low blow about her marriage. While Karen .. show full overview
Over the River and Thru The Woods
While Charrisse struggles to break the news of her marriage troubles to her daughter, Monique and her husband Chris try to reconnect as a married couple by returning to where they .. show full overview
War of the Darbys
Ashley and Michael's marriage is tested when she unveils a new menu for their restaurant at a press event and Michael attempts to shut it down. Gizelle and Karen head out for a double .. show full overview
A Host of Issues
Gizelle faces some harsh payback when she is shut out of Monique's summer bash. As Karen closes the deal on the sale of her Potomac home the reality of having to move sends her looking .. show full overview
Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle
A "bonding" excursion to Bermuda turns cold when some of the women are shut out of the trip. Robyn makes a critical relationship decision. Monique and Gizelle at last address their issues. The ladies take a sunset cruise.
The Grand Dame Slam
A sunset cruise hits rough waters when Charrisse corners Karen about her overbearing hosting duties while in Bermuda. Also, Robyn discovers many men are interested in her. In Potomac, .. show full overview
Home Is Where The Truth Is
The ladies question Karen's quick move out of Potomac after she reveals the location of her new home. Robyn finally confronts her ex-husband Juan about their relationship and is .. show full overview
Reunion (Part 1)
Part 1 of 2. The Potomac ladies reunite, with suspicions rising about Karen's move and a look at who will claim the new title of "Grande Dame of Potomac." Also: Gizelle and Monique .. show full overview
Reunion (Part 2)
Conclusion. The husbands join the conversation in Part 2 of a reunion. Included: Juan at last tells his side of the story; Monique tries to put Gizelle in her place once and for all; .. show full overview