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Search for a Cure: Episode 1
Episode overview
Scott meets with Stiles to find out that he's tracked down a werewolf expert who could help provide a cure.
Search for a Cure: Episode 2
Episode overview
Stiles convinces Scott that he's found an expert who could be the key to helping Scott.
Search for a Cure: Episode 3
Episode overview
Stiles and Scott come face-to-face with the lycanthropy expert and ask him for help.
Search for a Cure: Episode 4
Episode overview
Scott and Stiles break into the lycanthropy expert's house in search of answers.
Search for a Cure: Episode 5
Episode overview
Stiles and Scott, held at gunpoint, try to call the lycanthropy expert's bluff.
Search for a Cure: Episode 6
Episode overview
The lycanthropy expert teaches Scott and Stiles about the wolf moon and reveals the cure for those with the bite.
Episode overview
Catch up on the stories from season 1 and sneak peek Season 2. This is Scott McCall's transformative journey from unsuspecting, innocent guy in high school to a young man who learns to control his dark side.
Revelations: Venomous
Episode overview
Stars of Teen Wolf discuss season 2, share behind the scenes moments, and give never-before-seen glimpses into where they hope their characters will go from here.
Revelations: Master Plan
Episode overview
The stars of Teen Wolf discuss the epic season finale, all of the episodes from season 2, share behind the scenes moments, and give never-before-seen glimpses into their hopes for next season.
Back to the Pack
Episode overview
Catching up on all the action, scares, laughs and romance from the first two seasons of Teen Wolf. Includes behind the scenes interviews with the cast and a sneak peek of season 3.
Revelations: Currents
Episode overview
Host Jill Wagner gets answers from the cast of Teen Wolf about the show’s biggest mysteries and behind the scenes secrets. Watch as they reveal on and off camera stories and answer fan questions.
Being Tyler Posey
Episode overview
An inside look at Tyler Posey’s life when he’s off set: from planning his wedding and facing his mom's struggle with breast cancer to re-connecting with old friends and riding motorcycles with his dad.
Teen Wolf Top Ten Moments
Episode overview
MTV looks back on Teen Wolf’s 10 most pivotal, heartbreaking, talked about, and OMG moments.
Fiercest Females Moments
Episode overview
A look at the top ten fiercest female moments on Teen Wolf.
Teen Wolf Awards
Episode overview
A look at the top fan favorite moments from Teen Wolf.