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Behind the scenes of the sci-fi series, as self-proclaimed superfan Nidai interviews the cast and takes a tour of the show's Vancouver set.
Kino Webisode 1 : Get Outta Here
Colonel Young is in his quarters going over paper work. The Kino enters and watches him over his shoulder. He notices it's presence and closes his folder. He tells Eli that even though .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 2 : Not the Com Lab
Eli is talking into the Kino and showing us around the ship. He enters a room he thinks is the Communications Lab but it is actually the Infirmary. He says that they don't know what half of the machines do.
Kino Webisode 3 : No Idea
Eli again is showing us the ship and he enters a room that he has no idea what it is. He says he doesn't think he has been in it before.
Kino Webisode 4 : The Stargate Room
Eli shows us his favorite room on the ship, the Stargate Room. He says that Rush believes this Stargate is older then all other Stargates and might be a prototype.
Kino Webisode 5 : Eli's Room
Eli shows us his very small sleeping quarters. He says that he hopes it is only temporary because there are more compartments that can't be entered because they are damaged. He says Rush .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 6 : Don't Encourage Him
The Kino enters the Mess Hall where Scott, Johansen, and Greer are having lunch. Scott says hello and Johansen tells him not to encourage him because he was caught spying on Lt. James. .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 7 : Corridor Conversation
The Kino turns a corner and zooms in on Scott and Chloe having a conversation but they are too far away for the mic to pick it up.
Kino Webisode 8 : Marked Hatch
Eli comes up to a hatch marked with 2 X's. He says that if he opened the hatch he would be sucked out into space.
Kino Webisode 9 : Not Supposed to be in Here
Eli enters the Shuttle and explains that Destiny has two of them but one is inaccessible. He says he is not supposed to be in it because it is for military personnel only.
Kino Webisode 10 : Nobody Cares
Eli is interviewing Chloe in her quarters and asking her personal questions. She tells him that nobody cares what her favorite color is because she is not important. Eli disagrees and .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 11 : Kino Race
Eli and Riley are in the corridor preparing for a Kino race. They start down the corridor and turn the corner and Eli's almost hits Camille.
Kino Webisode 12 : Covered Kino
Lt. James enters the shower room and takes off her shirt. She looks up and sees the Kino hovering near the ceiling. She using her shirt to cover the Kino.
Kino Webisode 13 : Variety
Becker and Inman are trying to isolate flavorful esters (such as banana flavoring) from chemical impurities in the water from the ice planet in order to make the rations more enjoyable. .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 14 : You Okay
Scott enters Chloe's quarters and asks if she is okay. She says she really thought they were going home. Scott says that she must be happy to be going to Earth. She says that seeing her mom that way just makes things harder.
Kino Webisode 15 : Do I Look Stupid
Scott and Volker are helping Riley and Brody put on the space suits. Brody thinks he looks stupid but Scott assures him he looks cool. Riley realizes he has to go to the bathroom and .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 16 : All Telford's Fault
Brody is in his quarters and blaming himself for what happened to Riley but Park tells him he couldn't have done anything. Brody says it is all Telford's fault and Rush is right that he .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 17 : What's That Light
While walking down a corridor, Sgt. Ronald Greer and Lt. Matthew Scott (and possibly the entire ship) hear the intercom come on and the voices of Adam Brody and Lisa Park testing .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 18 : New Kind of Crazy
This extra has no summary.
Kino Webisode 21 : The Apple Core
Eli Wallace introduces the Destiny's Control interface hub. He calls it "apple core" but this name displeases Adam Brody who demands to call it control interface. Brody tries to get .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 19 : Only Run When Chased
Eli Wallace is sitting with Lisa Park, Dale Volker and Adam Brody are watching an episode of South Park from Eli's cell phone, and find one scene hilarious. They are then interrupted by .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 20 : Want Me to Bust Him Up
Walking down a corridor aboard Destiny followed closely by a Kino, Ronald Greer hears crying. He pauses and motions for the Kino to turn right. In a room around the corner, Dr. Lisa Park .. show full overview
Kino Webisode 22 : Not Just For Posterity
Dr. Lisa Park records a video diary about her time on Destiny and mentions here friends and family. However, she is interrupted and proceeds to have sex with an apparently close male friend.
Kino Webisode 27 : Chloe's Room
Eli makes another tour through the ship and comes to Chloe Armstrong's room.
Kino Webisode 28 : Disgusting Habit
Adam Brody secretly share a cigarette with sergeant Spencer.
Kino Webisode 29 : Favorite Meal of All Time
Eli asks everyone what their "favorite meal of all time" is.
Kino Webisode 30 : Not Being There
Hunter Riley records his diary entry.
Kino Webisode 23 : We Volunteer To Do This
Eli interviews Airman Kelly, while her consciousness is in Chloe's body, about why she volunteered to use the communication stones.
Kino Webisode 24 : Wait For It
Dr. Brody attempts to take revenge on Sgt. Riley by playing a prank on him.
Kino Webisode 25 : Drop The Sirs
Scott tells Greer to be sometimes less formal. After that they chat a bit.
Kino Webisode 26 : Like A Hug
TJ and Dr. Park discuss Rush's relationship with Dr. Perry.
What Else Is Going On?
Director Ivon Bartok gives a behind the scenes look at filming the web-only Kino scenes.
Kino Webisode 31 : One Long Endless Night
Lt. James talks about keeping time on the Destiny. Camile wishes James a happy birthday.
Kino Webisode 32 : Horrible Accident
Sgt. Riley uses the Kino to check up on Eli in the infirmary.
Kino Webisode 33 : Painful Moments
Brody, Park, Morrison, Sgt. Riley and Eli recount their most emotionally painful moments in life.
Kino Webisode 34 : All The Stages
Lt. James documents all the stages she's gone through while aboard the Destiny.