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The Future Robin Hood
Episode overview
In a flooded 23rd Century city, a rebellious orphan discovers she has a far bigger destiny than she ever imagined when she comes into possession of a mysterious hi-tech gauntlet that belonged to her father.
Robin Gives to the Poor
Episode overview
Robin and her new gang of outlaws must protect a new and crucial food source from the regime.
Robin Dives Deep
Episode overview
When Robin and her gang get trapped underwater in the old transportation system, they learn some harsh truths about the world they live in.
Robin Picks a Fight
Episode overview
The Sheriff embarks on a plan to trap Robin by staging a dangerous fighting contest.
Robin Breaks the Code
Episode overview
Robin and her friends must stop a new technology from poisoning the water supply.
Robin Lost at Sea
Episode overview
Robin and Iniko must find a way of restarting his stranded submarine before the regime’s deadly robots find them.
Robin Under Siege
Episode overview
The Sheriff launches an all-out attack on the Lower City.
Robin Meets Her Maker
Episode overview
Robin comes face to face with her father for the first time.
Robin Rebuilds
Episode overview
In the aftermath of the attack, the Sea Croppers try to rebuild their infrastructure with the help of a mysterious stranger.
Robin Rises
Episode overview
When Gisbourne accidentally triggers a self-destruct protocol in the Upper City, Robin realizes she is the only one who can stop it.