She Was Pretty

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Episode 1
When Hye Jin's first love reappears many years later, she's afraid to face him. Little does she know, the web of lies she constructs will come back to get her later.
Episode 2
Hye Jin does everything in her power to prevent Sung Joon from recognizing her. The only problem? They work together.
Episode 3
When Ha Ri runs into Sung Joon, the web of lies surrounding Hye Jin begins to unravel. Meanwhile, Hye Jin learns fashion the hard way.
Episode 4
Eveything goes wrong when Hye Jin has to drive Sung Joon to secure an important collaboration deal for the magazine.
Episode 5
When Hye Jin nearly loses the missing piece to Sung Joon's puzzle, will he finally catch on to her secret. Meanwhile, Ha Ri starts to develop feelings for Sung Joon.
Episode 6
Ha Ri starts to develop real feelings for Sung Joon--but their relationship is based on a huge lie.
Episode 7
Hye Jin and Sung Joon end up on a business trip together--alone. Will she finally share her secret with him?
Episode 8
Hye Jin makes a mistake at work that the chief considers unforgivable.
Episode 9
After Hye Jin transforms her look, people start to see her differently and take her more seriously.
Episode 10
When Hye Jin discovers Ha Ri's secret, it's time for everyone to know the truth. However, they aren't the only two that have something to reveal.
Episode 11
Now that Sung Joon knows about Hye Jin's web of lies, will he be able to forgive her?
Episode 12
Shin Hyuk returns to Most magazine. And Hye Jin begins to let down her guard with Sung Joon.
Episode 13
The pressure is on for The Most Korea--will they be able to turn around magazine sales before the unit is shut down?
Episode 14
When the main feature interview falls through, the editorial team is left scrambling. And a major character's true identity is revealed--and it's not what you think.
Episode 15
With the anniversary edition of The Most finally out on the stands, the magazine's future will soon be known.
Episode 16
Hye Jin and Sung Joon start their year apart--with her in Korea pursuing her dream of writing fairy tales and him back in New York. But the distance is more difficult than they would have ever imagined.