Oh My Venus

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Episode 1
Joo Eun, once the "Venus" of her high school and now an overweight lawyer, and Young Ho, a celebrity trainer caught in the midst of a scandal, meet on a hectic plane ride to Korea.
Episode 2
Young Ho keeps saving Joo Eun from embarrassing situations. Joo Eun's new co-worker is an old friend... but also Woo Shik's new girlfriend.
Episode 3
Joo Eun begins training under Ji Woong, led to believe that he is John Kim. Young Ho finds himself worrying about Joo Eun.
Episode 4
Joo Eun agrees not to reveal Young Ho's identity, and Young Ho, Joon Sung, and Ji Woong agree to help her get back in shape.
Episode 5
Joo Eun stays at Young Ho's house after her stalker is set free. Young Ho travels to Daegu to have his leg examined.
Episode 6
Young Ho, Joon Sung, and Ji Woong live as Joo Eun for a day to celebrate her weight loss. Soo Jin is saddened by Woo Shik paying more attention to Joo Eun than her.
Episode 7
Joo Eun waits impatiently for Young Ho to acknowledge their kiss. Young Ho must make a decision about his future at Gahong.
Episode 8
Joo Eun feels deceived when she finds out about Young Ho's family business. Producer Go and Woo Shik take a step closer to discovering John Kim's true identity.
Episode 9
Joo Eun learns about Young Ho's illness after finding him in a scary state. The group goes on a camping trip.
Episode 10
Young Ho feels frustrated keeping his work life separate from his personal life. Joo Eun prepares to move out.
Episode 11
Joo Eun tries to distract Young Ho as John Kim's true identity is revealed to the world. With Gahong's 61st anniversary coming up, Young Ho's position hangs in the balance.
Episode 12
Young Ho begins work as a director at Gahong. Joo Eun tries to convince Joon Sung's mother to meet him.
Episode 13
The aftershock of the accident leaves everyone in an uncertain state. Joo Eun helplessly wonders why she can't get in touch with Young Ho.
Episode 14
One year later, Joo Eun and Young Ho are overcome with emotion to be back in each other's lives. The group celebrates Young Ho's birthday and Christmas.
Episode 15
Joo Eun and Young Ho want to make up for their lost time together. Soo Jin's health endangers her relationship with Woo Shik.
Episode 16
Joo Eun and Young Ho are ready to spend the rest of their lives together, but one obstacle stands in their way: Young Ho's grandmother.