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Meet The Gallaghers
Episode overview
When Fiona Gallagher's (Anne-Marie Duff) bag is stolen on a night out in Manchester, a handsome stranger called Steve McBride (James McAvoy) comes to her rescue. He accompanies her to .. show full overview
We're Going to The Moon
Episode overview
After Karen's father Eddie attacks Frank in The Jockey, Frank returns home and attacks his son, Ian, and Fiona's boyfriend, Steve. Certain he's got a family he doesn't deserve, a .. show full overview
We're Getting Married
Episode overview
It's Friday night in The Jockey, and barman Kev says he is getting married to his longtime girlfriend, Veronica, in order to deter the advances of a group of ladies. However, Frank .. show full overview
Episode overview
Debbie Gallagher (Rebecca Ryan) takes a young child, Jody, from his birthday party and dresses him up as a girl. With Frank's assistance, the Chatsworth residents join forces en masse in .. show full overview
Episode overview
Frank continues his passionate affair with Karen, even though she is dating his son, Lip, and he is dating her mother, Sheila. Things begin spiralling out of control when Steve discovers .. show full overview
Monica Comes Home (Part 1 of 2)
Episode overview
Bailiffs reclaim old debts from Frank, and, as usual, his children are forced to pay the price. If that isn't enough, Mr. Wilson (Clive Russell), a housing officer with a personal .. show full overview
Dead (Part 2 of 2)
Episode overview
Monica and Norma are ruling the roost at the Gallagher household after Fiona moves in with Steve, but none of the Gallagher kids are happy by their mother's return. Frank is desperate to .. show full overview