Renovation, Inc

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Facing the Lions
Episode overview
Husband-and-wife duo Bryan and Sarah Baeumler take on the tumultuous world of client builds. Sarah must quickly learn how to juggle strict budgets and high expectations from homeowners.
Balancing Act
Episode overview
Bryan must deliver a tough reality check, and Sarah struggles with the clients' design choices.
More Than You Can Chew
Episode overview
One of Bryan's pet projects turns out to be a massive undertaking. Later, the couple completes a client build.
Mind Your Business
Episode overview
Bryan and Sarah have different approaches when it comes to getting their clients through renovation fatigue. Later, the Baeumlers start a new family project.
Starting Off Rocky
Episode overview
Bryan and Sarah's largest client build gets off to a rough start. Then, the couple meets their most demanding client to date.
Raising The Stress Level
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Different Tastes
Episode overview
Sarah is shocked when a client doesn't share her vision for the designs. Later, new additions are added to the couple's backyard.
Electric Mishap
Episode overview
Bryan and Sarah's electrician, Paul, faces huge ramifications after a mistake on a job site. Then, Bryan makes an unexpected discovery, and the couple completes renovations for their multi-generational clients.
Shaky Promises
Episode overview
Sarah makes a promise that Bryan isn't sure they can deliver, and a sudden cold snap wreaks havoc on a job site.
While the Client’s Away
Episode overview
Bryan and Sarah troubleshoot an issue when a client goes out of a town, and the Baeumlers start a unique project.
A Helping Hand
Episode overview
Bryan and Sarah finish a big renovation, and Sarah brings a special assistant to a site.
Battling the Elements
Episode overview
Winter weather affects a project's timeline and budget. Then, Bryan and Sarah finish a home gym and basement for a young family.
Total Satisfaction
Episode overview
Bryan and Sarah face the impact of construction delays as the final deadline looms for their biggest project. Later, the couple reflects on working with their clients.