Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain

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Patty Ann
Episode overview
In his robot suit, Brain poses as "Patti Ann". The illusion is so convincing (not) that Elmyra's crush, Rudy, falls head over heels for him.
Gee, Your Hair Spells Terrific
Episode overview
Brain has a plan to clone dinosaurs but he needs funding to make it happen. Fortunately there is a cash prize for the spelling bee, and with Elmyra entered all he has to do is cheat to ensure she has even a slim hope of winning.
Cute Little Alienhead
Episode overview
Using an intergalactic radio Brain manages to flag down a passing alien, in hopes of trading for advanced weapons. Unfortunately the alien is driven away by an annoying Elmyra.
Better Living...Through Cheese
Episode overview
Brain builds the perfect science fair project for Elmyra, in hopes that she wins and brings home the prize money.
My Fair Brainy!
Episode overview
When Elmyra enters a contest to be the first kid aboard the space shuttle, Brain coaches her in an attempt to win the contest.
The Cat Who Cried Woof!
Episode overview
Brain creates a formula that makes Elmyra's cat think that he is a dog.
The Girl with Nothing Extra
Episode overview
Brain tries to make Elmyra popular, allowing him to work through her and take over the world.
Narfily Ever After
Episode overview
Brain tells Elmyra a bedtime story that closely follows the plot of Cinderella.
The Icky Mouse Club
Episode overview
Brain decides that he should organize the neighborhood kids into a gang, and when they grow up they will still see him as their leader.
The Man from Washington
Episode overview
Wally Faust tries to steal Brain's latest invention and kill Brain once and for all.
How I Spent My Weekend
Episode overview
Elmyra draws a cartoon that has Brain building a giant robot that wreaks havoc on France.
Yule Be Sorry
Episode overview
Christmas episode. After Brain gets angry at Pinky and wishes that Pinky was never his friend, he has a dream that shows him what things would really be like without his life long pal.
At the Hop
Episode overview
Elmyra wants to go to the school dance with Rudy, but Rudy actually wants to go with Patty Ann, which is actually Brain in disguise. This suits Brain, because he needs to rescue his cologne that makes people instantly attractive.
Pinky's Dream House
Episode overview
When Pinky dreams of living a normal family life Elmyra dresses up both he and Brain and places them in a doll house.
Squeeze Play
Episode overview
When Rudy steals Brain's latest invention, Brain must get past a pet snake to retrieve it.
The Raven
Episode overview
Brain reads an altered version of the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven.
Elmyra's Music Video
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Wag the Mouse
Episode overview
Elmyra runs for class president, though nobody expects her to win, but then no one knows that she has a secret advisor in The Brain...
A Walk in the Park
Episode overview
When Elmyra takes a trip to Disneyland, The Brain plots to replace the theme song in the "It's A Small World" ride with his own hypnotic message.
That's Edutainment
Episode overview
Pinky and the Brain get their own children's entertainment program.
Mr. Doctor
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Teleport a Friend
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.
Fun, Time and Space
Episode overview
Brain builds a black hole in Elmyra's bedroom.
Hooray for Meat
Episode overview
Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain go to a Meat Festival. The Brain develops a plan to take over the world using "Meats of Evil".
Party Night
Episode overview
Vanity throws a party and Elmyra crashes it, with the help of Pinky and The Brain.
The Mask of Braino
Episode overview
The Brain becomes "Braino", a masked crime fighter, and an allusion to Zorro.