Madagascar: A Little Wild

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A Tale of Two Kitties
Episode overview
Alex is mistaken for a Maine Coon and takes over that cat’s life in the penthouse. At first, comfortable with his shmancy new life, Alex grows to miss his old life and learns that it’s lonely at the top.
Fire Marshal Melman
Episode overview
On Junior Marshals’ Day at the fire station, Melman gets stuck in a firetruck on its way to a real emergency. With Alex’s help, Melman must overcome his fear of heights to help save a stuck cat, and learn that even heroes get scared sometimes.
Fancy Fifths
Episode overview
When Marty accidentally “steals” a pair of slippers from a department store, he plans an elaborate “heist” to return them and learns in the end that it’s easier to own up to your mistakes than to cover them up.
Hedgehog Sitters Club
Episode overview
When a litter of hedgehogs are temporarily relocated to the habitat, Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria become their “babysitters.”
Episode overview
It‘s Kate‘s birthday and everyone in the habitat has something amazing planned, but Melman is worried that his homemade/hoof-made gift won’t measure up.
Pest Side Story
Episode overview
Gloria becomes determined to earn her Queen of Kindness Kidizen badge and welcomes some free-spirited rats who need a place to stay into the habitat.