Hate Thy Neighbor

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Love and Hate in the Deep South
Jamali spends time with hate preacher Ruben Israel and his fundamentalist disciples as they attempt to disrupt the New Orleans “Southern Decadence” festival.
The Fight Over Free Speech
Jamali hangs out with conservative students as tensions on campus rise during UC Berkeley's “Free Speech Week.”
Prison Camp for Kids
Jamali travels to South Carolina to spend the weekend with a group of kids enrolled in a "correctional weekend" that promises to deter kids from a life of crime.
With the abortion debate reignited, Jamali spends time with two passionate but very different pro-life preachers.
Black Rebel
Jamali explores the highly charged issue surrounding the Confederate Flag with guidance from an unlikely champion, “The Black Rebel.”
The White House Preacher
Jamali heads to South Carolina to work out how pastor Mark Burns went from small town preacher to a member of President Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board.
Border Vigilantes
Jamali spends time with two vigilante groups intent on protecting the border between Mexico and the USA.
Feminism 101
With people talking more than ever before about women's rights Jamali investigates what it means to be a third wave, second wave and anti-feminist.
United States of Oil and Gas
Jamali looks at the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma, spending time with Native American activists standing up against Big Oil, and Christian oilmen happy to keep the status quo.
Sovereign Citizens
Jamali finds and follows those who refuse to recognize the US government, its laws and its currency, gaining themselves the FBI classification of domestic terrorists.