Dr. Romantic

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Kim Sa Bu once gained fame as a top surgeon at a huge hospital. One day, he left the industry, and now he is a chief surgeon at Doldam Hospital in the countryside. After he conducted a .. show full overview
Mechanism of Accidents
Kim Sa Bu gets disappointed at Woo Jin and tells him to go back. But Woo Jin asks Kim Sa Bu for one more chance and Kim Sa Bu gives Woo Jin a week of grace period to prove himself. .. show full overview
Undefined Setting Value
Dr. Kim chooses the extreme method to save Minister Ryu. After Dr. Kim manages to bring Minister Ryu back to life, Park Min Kook starts doubting on Dr. Kim’s real intention and skills. .. show full overview
Utilizing Conflict
Park Min Kook asks Woo Jin questions about the primary surgery that Kim Sa Bu operated and Woo Jin hesitates to answer them. The director of Doldam Hospital comes back to the hospital .. show full overview
A Living Friday Night
Friday is the busiest day as a lot of patients swarm in Doldam Hospital. Eun Jae still finds it hard to perform surgical operations herself. A girl patient who suffers from drug .. show full overview
A detective with a gunshot wound and a gang boss with a stab wound come into the ER at the same time. Both of them want Dr. Kim to do the operation but that's just impossible. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
The Line That Should Be Protected...
Nurse Oh finds out that Director Yeo has lung cancer. A loan shark comes to the hospital and makes a scene to embarrass Woo Jin. Eun Jae feels uncomfortable for causing trouble so she .. show full overview
Episode 8
Eun Jae loses her confidence from the domestic violence incident and Kim Sa Bu cheers her up by telling her that it isn't her fault. A paramedic comes into the ER, unconscious and she is .. show full overview
Ho Jun senses something is going on between Woo Jin and Eun Jae. Woo Jin notices Kim Sa Bu has a problem in his arm. Min Guk gathers doctors and announces to change the system of Doldam .. show full overview
The Effects of an Adequate Amount of Anxiety
Park Min Guk also arrives at the accident scene. Kim Sa Bu and Park Min Guk's opinions on how to treat patients conflict. Woo Jin spots that Kim Sa Bu is also hurt but Kim Sa Bu won't .. show full overview
Minimum Boundaries
Nurse Oh gets furious at Dr. Kim because he wouldn't listen. After Dr. Kim collapsed, everyone is worried about him. Woo Jin suggests Dr. Kim receives surgery on his wrist. Director Park .. show full overview
The Error in the Exchange of Equivalents
Hyun Jun visits Doldam Hospital to meet Woo Jin. He used to be the doctor of Samjin Hospital, where Woo Jin was. Hyun Jun pokes around people and trying to scatter them. Dr. Kim finally .. show full overview
Defence Mechanism
Park Min Guk tries to operate his VIP patient but Dr. Shim strongly goes against him. And Ho Jun is stuck in between them. Woo Jin keeps bothering Park Min Guk and his team with .. show full overview
Selective Dyslexia
Seo Woo Jin is threatened by the creditors to move to another hospital. Park Min Guk finally performs surgery on his VIP patient. Director Yeo is transferred to the emergency room .. show full overview
Dr. Do In Beom suddenly visits Doldam Hospital and is on bad terms with Dr. Seo Woo Jin. The main hospital organizes and sends a fact-finding committee to Doldam to investigate the table .. show full overview
Koi's Law
Moon Jung's father comes to the hospital and he says something unexpected to Woo Jin. And Woo Jin hears about the shocking truth about Woo Jin's father from Moon Jung. Eun Jae gets a .. show full overview