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The Sexorcism
Episode overview
Kevin struggles to help a ghost whose unfinished business involves losing his virginity to an ex-girlfriend.
The Hot God Contest
Episode overview
When the ghost of a competitive eater starts unplugging feeding tubes at a hospital, Kevin must convince the recipient of the ghost’s stomach to enter one last hot-dog eating contest.
The Knockoff
Episode overview
While helping the ghost of a DVD bootlegger recover the last movie he ever shot, Kevin encounters mafia members looking for the same tape, which just might contain footage of a mob hit.
The Comedium
Episode overview
When a deceased stand-up comedian continues to take the stage each night after closing, Kevin looks for the worst audience possible to heckle him into the Light.
Out of Body Issues
Episode overview
After Roofie falls for a saleswoman at a clothing store, Kevin must help the ghost of a former employee track down exploitative photos of her taken by the company’s sleazy CEO.
Raising the Dead
Episode overview
In an attempt to reconnect with his boyhood crush, Kevin tries to barter for a special gift by exorcising a haunted orphanage… on Halloween.
The Calamityville Horror
Episode overview
Roofie brings Kevin along to fix up a teardown he bought online, but when the house locks the two friends inside, Kevin must uncover the reason behind the haunting.
The Ghost in the Machine
Episode overview
When investigating a haunted apartment, Kevin discovers the ghost of inventor Rube Goldberg, who needs help pulling off the most elaborate “Rube Goldberg machine” of all time.
Sixty Feet Under
Episode overview
When the Mayor of New York City offers him a career-making case, Kevin encounters the toughest ghost problem he’s ever faced.
Pieces of Sue
Episode overview
Kevin races to help the ghost of a friend finish her unfinished business before time runs out.