Daredevil: Guardian Devil

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And A Child Shall Lead Them All
Episode overview
Matt Murdock, whilst dealing with his own personel problems, meets a young woman who knows he's Daredevil, is a virgin and has a baby. She was saved by Daredevil earlier that day from .. show full overview
The Unexamined Life
Episode overview
Black Widow arrives a Matt Murdocks apartment finding it in disarray while taking care of a baby. He convinces her to take care of it for a short while while he goes to the office to .. show full overview
Episode overview
Foggy Nelson has been arrested for rape and murder one, and his mother refuses to help him, causing Matt to quit. While trying to cool his head, Daredevil stops a mugging, but it turns .. show full overview
The Devils Distaff
Episode overview
Daredevil is saved from being run over by Black Widow who is still taking care of the baby. However, Daredevil is confused and still believes the baby is evil, so he grabs it and throws .. show full overview
Devils Dispair
Episode overview
Daredevil takes the cross he was given to Doctor Strange to see if it has any magical properties or connections, but none are found. However, it did contain a drug that makes one highly .. show full overview
The Devil Divested
Episode overview
Matt is angry and depressed, contemplating suicide, but decides to hunt down the man responsible for Karen's death, the man who hired Bullseye. After some persuasive questioning he .. show full overview
The Devils Demon
Episode overview
It is revealed the one responsible for the entire conspiracy is Mysterio. Before Daredevil can beat him senseless, Mysterio reminds him that he has the baby and it is inside an airtight .. show full overview
The Devils Deliverance
Episode overview
The issue begins on the day of Karen Page's funeral and many are in mourning, but none more so than Matt. He has no words to express his sorrow at her funeral. In her will she left him .. show full overview