City on a Hill

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Bill Russell's Bedsheets
Episode overview
When an assistant U.S. attorney overdoses and ends up left for dead, Decourcy Ward suspects Jackie Rohr's involvement. Jackie, in turn, goes after the BPD for a questionable drug arrest .. show full overview
I Need a Goat
Episode overview
As Decourcy increases pressure on the Justice Department, Jackie counters by looking into his adversary’s romantic past. While Jackie’s digging up dirt, Siobhan is planning ahead, .. show full overview
Is the Total Black, Being Spoken
Episode overview
Jackie uncovers one of Decourcy’s informants and hatches a plan to use him as a pawn to discredit the assistant district attorney. Decourcy stops by the Rohr house, hoping to get .. show full overview
Overtime White and Overtime Stupid
Episode overview
After seeing Holly in the ICU, Jackie reckons with the destructive consequences of his actions, as Rickey Townsend prepares to testify against Decourcy. With violence intensifying .. show full overview
East of Eden
Episode overview
As U.S. Attorney Karen Shimizu tries to get rid of her troublesome agent once and for all, Jackie schemes his way into a new mission. At the Suffolk County Courthouse, Decourcy and .. show full overview
This episode has no summary.
This episode has no summary.
This episode has no summary.