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Year One
Episode overview
A chance to catch up on the incredible events that led billionaire Oliver Queen to secretly create the persona of Arrow. Five years after being lost at sea, Oliver returns to Starling .. show full overview
Blood Rush: Mr. Queen Is Unavailable
Episode overview
Roy Harper comes to meet Oliver Queen but Felicity Smoak tells him to wait as Oliver is not available.
Blood Rush: Roy to the Rescue
Episode overview
Detective Lance calls Felicity telling her that the SCPD labs have blood samples of The Arrow . Felicity gives Roy a job to break in to the SCPD lab and retrieve the samples.
Blood Rush: Down the Rabbit Hole
Episode overview
Roy breaks in to the SCPD labs to retrieve The Arrow's blood samples.
Blood Rush: The Sample
Episode overview
Felicity helps Roy escape the SCPD labs.
Blood Rush: Closing In
Episode overview
Roy escapes the SCPD labs getting the blood samples of The Arrow with the help of Felicity.
Blood Rush: Heroic Deeds
Episode overview
Roy gives the blood samples to Felicity who allows him to meet Oliver Queen.
Season 5 Comic-Con - First Look
Episode overview
Forced to rebuild, Oliver tries to make vigilantes into heroes on the new season of Arrow, premiering October 5 on The CW.
Hitting the Bullseye
Episode overview
Cast interviews from Stephen Amell and the cast of "Arrow," and executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Beth Schwartz.
Hitting the Bullseye
Episode overview
Interviews with Stephen Amell and the cast of Arrow.