American Horror Story

  • 8.4
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  • : 113
  • : 248k
  • Drama Horror Thriller



Chapter 1
Episode overview
An interracial couple, Matt and Shelby decide to move to North Carolina and get away from the big city for peace and quiet and to start a new life, until Shelby starts seeing strange things that haunt her day and night.
Chapter 2
Episode overview
Matt and Shelby find a revealing videotape in a hidden cellar. Lee's daughter Flora makes a new friend. The mysterious events continue.
Chapter 3
Episode overview
Nightmares become an inescapable reality as unique stories of people's lives in America reveal the astonishing power of the supernatural.
Chapter 4
Episode overview
Scathach presents herself for the first time and reveals what she wants. However, Tomasyn and the ghost settlers have other plans.
Chapter 5
Episode overview
The Millers attempt to escape the house with the help of an unexpected ally.
Chapter 6
Episode overview
The producer of My Roanoke Nightmare decides to follow up his huge hit with a second season—putting the actors and their real-life counterparts in the same house during the Blood Moon, and seeing if Lee confesses to Mason's murder.
Chapter 7
Episode overview
Chaos breaks out at the house as Audrey, Monet and Lee try to escape through the secret tunnel. Shelby learns why Matt came back to the house. Agnes considers a career change.
Chapter 8
Episode overview
Lee, Audrey and Monet try to escape the Polks. Shelby and Dominic are trapped by the ghosts in the house.
Chapter 9
Episode overview
Three My Roanoke Nightmare fans pay a visit to the House, unaware that they've arrived at the worst possible time. Lee and Audrey try to recover the camera. A new visitor doesn't prove very helpful.
Chapter 10
Episode overview
Lana Winters interviews Lee Harris about what happened during the Return to Roanoke.