American Dad!

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100 Years a Solid Fool
Episode overview
While running an errand in Little Columbia, Stan is confronted by his hidden past.
Episode overview
Hayley drives Steve to a testing center in “no good” downtown but they end up stranded in a worse suburban neighborhood. Stan, Francine, and Roger mistakenly go downtown to rescue them.
Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper's Story
Episode overview
Roger enlists Jeff as his protégé in order to open his dream chivalric strip club. Klaus moves into Steve’s room.
A Starboy is Born
Episode overview
Roger tries to give Steve bubonic plague in order to qualify to Make-A-Wish to meet The Weeknd. Stan abducts The Weeknd to teach Roger a valuable lesson. Meanwhile, Hayley attempts to sleep with the celebrity singer.
Tapped Out
Episode overview
Steve discovers his mom has never stopped giving him her breastmilk.
Brave N00b World
Episode overview
Stan and Steve enter an e-sports game tournament to save the world. The rest of the family get stuck in a banister.
Into the Woods
Episode overview
When Stan sees a middle-school classmate, he feels compelled to right an old wrong; Roger feels a cold coming on.
One Fish, Two Fish
Episode overview
Hayley tries to save Klaus from being deported.
Exquisite Corpses
Episode overview
Jeff, Francine and Roger decide to team up and start their own bus tour business, with murderous results.
Trophy Wife, Trophy Life
Episode overview
After Stan is injured, Francine nurses him back to health and he becomes dependent on her; the family discovers Tuttle is a Korean reality show star.
Game Night
Episode overview
Stan drags the family to a labyrinth for family game night; Roger gets some geese.
American Data?
Episode overview
Steve and the boys take part in a prison experiment to earn some cash. Meanwhile, Stan deals with the death of his CIA groundskeeper friend.
Salute Your Sllort
Episode overview
Steve's efforts to befriend a Swedish exchange student backfire in a big way; the family calls in an animal behaviorist to deal with Klaus.
Ghost Dad
Episode overview
Stan struggles to cope with the untimely death of his father; a simple canoeing trip does catastrophic damage to Hayley and Jeff's relationship.
Men II Boyz
Episode overview
Klaus enlists Stan, Roger and Jeff to join him on a wild bachelor party weekend.
First, Do No Farm
Episode overview
Concerned that Hayley is too soft-hearted, Stan attempts to make her farm tough by turning the house into an urban homestead.
Roger Needs Dick
Episode overview
When one of Roger’s characters falls in love with Dick, it affects the whole family.
The Old Country
Episode overview
Steve pushes Stan to trace the Smith family's ancestry, while Hayley and Francine go under cover as Sub Hub secret shoppers.
Businessly Brunette
Episode overview
Hayley takes off her headband and becomes a businesswoman. Stan plans a party.
The Chilly Thrillies
Episode overview
Francine explores ASMR with Roger. Steve gets a pole in his head and a secret admirer.
Dammmm, Stan!
Episode overview
Stan goes to great lengths to find the right couple's activity for him and Francine. Hayley and Steve look into some mysterious markings they find on the doorframe.
The Last Ride of the Dodge City Rambler
Episode overview
The Smiths take a trip on an old steam locomotive to visit Francine's aunt only to discover it's being hijacked.
Episode overview
Roger's past comes back to haunt him.