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Season 4
Episode overview
When Jack orders Liz and Pete to find a new cast member, they're forced to fake an affair to keep their talent search a secret. Meanwhile, a dispute over timecards prompts Kenneth to .. show full overview
Into the Crevasse
Episode overview
Jack finds himself answering to Devin Banks and the government's microwave oven task force. Tracy seeks retribution from Liz when he draws issue with the relationship advice she gives in .. show full overview
Stone Mountain
Episode overview
Liz and Jack engage in a clash of world views as they search for talent in Kenneth's Georgia hometown. Tracy is haunted by the celebrity "rule of threes" and fears that his death is .. show full overview
Audition Day
Episode overview
Liz and Pete try to rig the TGS auditions as everyone else jockeys for a chance to audition for the show. Amid the chaos, Jack is treated like a pariah because of a bedbug infestation.
The Problem Solvers
Episode overview
Jack proposes that Liz host a Dealbreakers talk show, then bristles when she hires an agent and considers outside producers. When the new cast member's easy going attitude causes Tracy .. show full overview
Sun Tea
Episode overview
When her building goes condo, Liz tried to scare off the tenant above her so she can buy his apartment. Jack and Tracy, both considering vasectomies, consult with Dr. Spaceman and .. show full overview
Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001
Episode overview
The pilot of her new talk show gives Liz the chance to be the center of attention, while Jack feels pressure from Devin to make it a hit. Meanwhile, Tracy takes on the ultimate Hollywood .. show full overview
Secret Santa
Episode overview
Jack reunites with his high school crush, Nancy Donovan, thanks to a social networking site. Meanwhile, Liz struggles to find Jack a perfect gift, the writers invent a religion to avoid .. show full overview
Klaus and Greta
Episode overview
Jack and Kenneth go to great lengths in an effort to erase a drunk voicemail. Jenna agrees to "date" James Franco to help with his public image. Liz's newly outed young cousin .. show full overview
Black Light Attack!
Episode overview
Jack is uncomfortable with Liz and Danny's burgeoning relationship. Tracy welcomes Sue into his entourage. Jenna is forced to face reality after an embarrassing "Gossip Girl" audition.
Winter Madness
Episode overview
Jack brings TGS to Boston in an effort to spend time with Nancy. Stuck in a strange and cold city, the staff turns on Liz, who searches for a scapegoat. Meanwhile, Tracy feuds with John Hancock.
Episode overview
Jack coaches Jenna when her estranged mother, Verna, drops by unannounced. Liz and Frank make a pact to kick their respective bad habits. Kenneth intrudes on Pete's quiet time.
Anna Howard Shaw Day
Episode overview
Liz schedules oral surgery in an effort to avoid Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Jack falls for a sexy CNBC journalist, Avery Jessup, and Jenna is crushed to discover that her stalker has moved on.
Future Husband
Episode overview
Jack learns that Sheinhardt wigs may be selling NBC to a cable company. Meanwhile, Liz searches for a mystery man she met in her dentist's recovery room and Jenna tries to help Tracy win a Tony Award.
Don Geiss, America, and Hope
Episode overview
Still grieving over the loss of his mentor, Jack tries to establish his identity within NBC's new ownership. A series of chance meetings cause Liz to wonder if fate is telling her to .. show full overview
Episode overview
Liz deals with the unexpected return of her one good boyfriend, Floyd Debarber. Meanwhile, Jack helps Danny battle the writers in a rapidly escalating prank war and after being subjected .. show full overview
Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter
Episode overview
Jack's birthday brings additional pressure on him to choose between Avery and Nancy. Liz forces herself to attend as many singles events as she can. Back in the writers' room, Toofer is troubled by the circumstances behind his hiring.
Episode overview
After discovering that her staff regularly goes out without inviting her, Liz vows to prove that she can have fun. In an effort to avoid making a difficult decision in his personal life, .. show full overview
Episode overview
Jack inherits Don Geiss' beloved peacock and realizes he still needs closure with his late mentor. Liz and Pete are suspicious of Jenna's new boyfriend, Paul. Meanwhile, Tracy lobbies to become Grizz's best man, causing friction in the entourage.
The Moms
Episode overview
It's Mother's Day and the TGS moms have come to visit. Colleen meddles in Jack's romantic situation, Liz discovers that her mother almost married an astronaut, Verna squabbles with Jenna .. show full overview
Emmanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land
Episode overview
With Avery out of town, Nancy shows up to visit Jack. Liz revisits her old boyfriends and yet again runs into the unshakable Wesley. Tracy eschews a gritty, Oscar-caliber role to do a Garfield movie.
I Do Do
Episode overview
Liz's multi-wedding day takes an unexpected turn when she meets a handsome, misanthropic pilot. Jack discovers which woman he is truly meant to be with. Meanwhile, Jenna and Paul's .. show full overview