White Collar

  • 8.8
  • : 2009
  • : 81
  • : 135k
  • #51
  • USA Network
  • 10



Episode overview
13, 2010
An elusive master thief has targeted a handful of New York's most prestigious banks, and it's up to Peter and Neal to thwart his next heist.
Need to Know
Episode overview
20, 2010
Neal goes undercover as a political "fixer" in order to bring down a corrupt politician. Meanwhile, he also begins to suspect that Peter is investigating the plane explosion behind his back.
Copycat Caffrey
Episode overview
27, 2010
A talented criminal has copycatted a Neal Caffrey crime, and evidence points to a suspect on a college campus. Meanwhile, Alex returns with some bad news and Diana discovers the music box is hiding something.
By the Book
Episode overview
03, 2010
Mozzie fears that the object of his affection has been kidnapped, and turns to Neal and Peter for help.
Unfinished Business
Episode overview
10, 2010
In order to save the life of an insurance investigator named Sara Ellis, Neal and Peter have to find out why a real-estate mogul put a price on her head.
In the Red
Episode overview
17, 2010
The arrest of a jewel thief leads Peter and Neal toward a much more heinous extortion case against adoptive parents.
Prisoner's Dilemma
Episode overview
24, 2010
An FBI Agent is accused of selling witness locations during criminal trials, and the U.S. Marshals ask Peter and Neal for help.
Company Man
Episode overview
31, 2010
Neal and Peter must go undercover into the world of corporate espionage after a tech company's head researcher is murdered.
Point Blank
Episode overview
07, 2010
When Peter and Neal find a vital clue in the mystery of who killed Kate, Neal orchestrates an elaborate con to bring himself face to face with her murderer.
Burke's Seven
Episode overview
18, 2011
When Peter is suspended by the FBI for a crime he didn't commit, he is forced to run a sting with Neal and the gang to catch Mozzie's shooter, and clear his name.
Forging Bonds
Episode overview
25, 2011
With the mastermind behind Kate's death uncovered, Peter and Neal explore their pasts to gain answers.
What Happens in Burma...
Episode overview
01, 2011
When the son of an American diplomat is detained in Burma for a crime he didn't commit, Peter and Neal delve into the exotic but dangerous world of jewelry smuggling to prove his innocence.
Episode overview
08, 2011
When an old friend of June's late husband shows up at Neal's doorstep, Neal suspects he's looking for more than a trip down memory lane.
Episode overview
22, 2011
Neal is forced to make a dangerous deal with Matthew Keller's former adversary in order to save his partner and friend.
Power Play
Episode overview
01, 2011
Peter and Neal must assume each others' identities to uncover a collusion scheme that is causing blackouts in New York.
Under the Radar
Episode overview
08, 2011
After weeks of working the Vincent Adler case with little to show for it, the team finally gets a break when Sara uncovers what Adler has been hunting. Meanwhile, Neal gets closer to finding out the truth about Kate's death.