Welcome Back Potter

  • : 2016
  • : 6
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  • HGTV
  • Reality



Combining a Lakeside Kitchen and Dining Room
Episode overview
15, 2016
Monica Potter travels back to her native Cleveland, Ohio, to start renovation on her childhood home with her three sisters and mother. The fun and quirky group of sisters start the .. show full overview
Living Room and Foyer With a View
Episode overview
15, 2016
Monica and her sisters tackle the living room and foyer of their childhood home. After having some fun during the demolition process, they install new French doors to open up the view to .. show full overview
Creating a Master Sunroom and Porch
Episode overview
18, 2016
Monica and Jess work on taking down the wall between their old bedroom and the sunroom to make one large master bedroom with a view of the lake. From hanging barnbox planters on the wall .. show full overview
New Bedrooms and Vintage Bath
Episode overview
18, 2016
Monica and Jess remember the struggle of not having a big enough bathroom when they were kids, so they give it a complete overhaul complete with a vintage claw foot tub and custom .. show full overview
Front Porch and Garage Restoration
Episode overview
25, 2016
Monica and her sisters restore the front porch, adding curb appeal back to the front of the house. They also build a new garage workspace to pay tribute to their late father. Monica .. show full overview
Country Backyard and Home Office
Episode overview
25, 2016
As their home renovation approaches completion, Monica and her sisters work to restore their backyard to the country oasis they remember. They install a new brick walkway and patio as .. show full overview