True Crime Story: It Couldn’t Happen Here

  • : 2021
  • : 6
  • : 2
  • SundanceTV
  • 22
  • Crime Documentary Reality



Adel, Georgia
Episode overview
09, 2021
The town of Adel, Georgia is rocked by a brutal robbery homicide and locals quickly point to an outsider as the killer. Over 20 years later, new evidence raises a startling question: Is an innocent man serving life for another man’s crime?
Sauquoit, New York
Episode overview
16, 2021
When a beloved chiropractor in Sauquoit New York dies suddenly under strange circumstances, investigators discover she was murdered with a rare poison. The killer could only be someone she knew closely, and the case divides the town.
St. Augustine, Florida
Episode overview
23, 2021
A young woman in St. Augustine, Florida with everything to live for is found shot to death with the gun belonging to her boyfriend, a Deputy Sherff. He says it was suicide, but her family believes it was murder.
Cookeville, Tennessee
Episode overview
30, 2021
When an immigrant couple who settled in the Tennessee town of Cookeville is executed in their sleep and their house set on fire, investigators quickly identify a suspect with motive. But in their rush to make an arrest, do they get the wrong man?
Shelbyville, Kentucky
Episode overview
07, 2021
In rural Shelbyville, Kentucky, a body is found in the river. Years go by until the police catch the killer, but some in town question if the suspect is even capable of committing this crime.
Rockville / Ellington, Connecticut
Episode overview
14, 2021
When a 22-year-old dancer goes missing, the men of the neighboring town who frequented the club become the suspect pool. Will wealth and status protect a killer or will a determined police officer crack the case?