• : 1989
  • : 6
  • : 3
  • Channel 4
  • 21
  • Crime Drama Mini-series



The Farmer
Episode overview
22, 1989
In Hamburg, a popular young German businessman is arrested and accused of being a drugs trafficker. His British wife, Helen, is faced with social and financial ruin and decides to take .. show full overview
The Addict
Episode overview
26, 1989
Jack Lithgow returns to Britain from Pakistan to find that his daughter, Caroline, has been arrested on heroin charges after a student party. Jack confines her to the family home and .. show full overview
The Criminal
Episode overview
03, 1989
Kurt, a German casino owner who financed Karl's heroin business, is hounding Helen. When she says she can't return the money he kidnaps one of her children. Desperate, Helen goes to .. show full overview
The Chemist
Episode overview
10, 1989
Jack Lithgow is still under heavy pressure from his job at the Home Office, but worse, his daughter takes a drugs overdose and is hospitalised. He books her into an expensive residential .. show full overview
The Politician
Episode overview
17, 1989
Jack returns to Pakistan to sign the aid agreement. Encouraged by the lawyer Roquia, he presses further, demanding specific arrests before he will sign. His political pressure on the .. show full overview
The Courier
Episode overview
24, 1989
On his return to Britain, Jack is immediately sacked for his extraordinary behaviour in Pakistan. Not only this, but his wife has moved out, and Caroline has run away from the .. show full overview