The Wall (2016)

  • 8.7
  • : 2016
  • : 50
  • : 16



Rebekah and Chris
15, 2020
Rebekah and Chris, a married couple from Houston, Texas. Rebekah is a Boston Bombing Marathon survivor who lost her leg in the blast as she was shielding her young son from danger. After .. show full overview
Bill and Meghan
22, 2020
Bill, a retired firefighter who served on 9/11, and his daughter Meghan, a pediatric nurse, take on The Wall. After huge money amounts and an Irish Jig with Chris, this father and .. show full overview
Matt and Nick
29, 2020
Church co-pastors and brothers Matt, a firefighter, and Nick, a high school teacher and football coach, take on the wall. With the all-new Superdrop and millions of dollars just a drop away, there is no stopping where these Texas boys will go.
Essence and Valencia
05, 2020
Valencia and Essence, a mother-daughter flight attendant duo from Indianapolis take on the wall, which has them flying high.
Nellie and Taylor
19, 2020
Nearly 50 years apart, grandmother and granddaughter duo Nellie and Taylor from Quarryville, Pa., take on the wall.
Damon and Deidra
26, 2020
Teams of two everyday people battle trivia questions and a 40-foot wall for the chance to win up to $13.6 million. Part smarts, part luck and part guts, their victory is as unpredictable as the bounce of the ball.
Holly and Michael
03, 2020
Michael, a firefighter and carpenter, and Holly, a kindergarten teacher, from Knoxville, Tennessee, look to take aim at the wall.
Neangela and Marcus
17, 2020
Brother and sister, Neangela and Marcus take on The Wall. Neangela is an attorney who mentors young girls, and Marcus, an operations manager; the two hail from Oak Park, Illinois.
17, 2020
This episode has no summary.
Alex and Jodie
24, 2020
Mother-daughter duo Alex and Jodie, both nurses from Oklahoma City, share a passion for rescuing animals and together have fostered more than 150.
Peter and Bob
24, 2020
Father and son duo Bob, a pediatric eye doctor, and Peter, a medical resident, take on the wall to benefit the Strong City Foundation, a nonprofit that helps under served youth.
Hecthan and Hector
01, 2020
Brothers Hecthan and Hector reside in Fort Lee, NJ. Corrections officer Hecthan and Army veteran Hector are hoping to win big to help family and friends devastated by Hurricane Maria in their native Puerto Rico.
Michael and Jahmar
08, 2020
Jahmar, a high school counselor, and his uncle Michael, a limo driver, take on the wall. The Superdrop gives the two the chance to win big.
Janeris and Jesenia
15, 2020
This episode has no summary.
Goldin and Linda
22, 2020
Goldin, a fitness guru who started a nonprofit to encourage kids to exercise and read, and fiancé Linda, currently a college professor and soon to earn her doctorate, take on the Wall.
Karen and Lori
29, 2020
Sisters Karen and Lori started a charity that puts hand dryers for gloves in every classroom to help kids deal with harsh Michigan winters.
Keaton and Taylor
20, 2020
This episode has no summary.
Jeremie and Nikki
27, 2020
Nikki, a patient service coordinator, and husband Jeremie, a deputy sheriff, from Ocala, FL, are the parents of four kids.