The Unicorn

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There’s Something About Whoever-She-Was
Episode overview
12, 2020
After Wade has an instant connection with a woman he met briefly in a parking lot, he’s determined to find her again. Also, Michelle waits to hear from the colleges she applied to for .. show full overview
It’s Complicated
Episode overview
19, 2020
When Wade goes on a date with Shannon, he learns quickly that he has to come to terms with her unusual living arrangements if he wants to keep seeing her. Also, Grace is struggling with .. show full overview
It's the Thought That Counts
Episode overview
03, 2020
After Forrest gifts a water gun to Noah, Ben and Michele quickly take it away; the group has a frank discussion about racial injustice; Wade is trying to figure out how to celebrate Shannon's birthday since their relationship is so new.
Work It
Episode overview
17, 2020
After Ben recommends Wade for a job on the same work site he’s on, they are surprised by their wildly different professional styles. Also, Delia is struggling to not be so judgmental about how Michelle is raising her kids.
The First Supper
Episode overview
21, 2021
When Wade decides to introduce Shannon to his friends, the get together quickly takes an awkward turn. Also, Noah tries to fit in with the older kids since he’s tired of being one of the babies, and Forrest overindulges in edibles.
Overnight Sensation
Episode overview
28, 2021
Wade wants to invite Shannon to spend the night, but first he needs to figure out how to discuss it with Natalie and Grace. Also, Ben becomes jealous of all the attention Michelle is giving to her school work and study group.
Swerve and Volley
Episode overview
04, 2021
Delia and Forrest decide to play tennis to add some camaraderie to their relationship, but instead get wildly competitive. Also, when Wade tries to teach Grace to drive, she’s reluctant to learn and confesses the surprising reason why to Michelle.
No Exit
Episode overview
11, 2021
While the friends are at an escape room for a fun evening, Wade has an embarrassing slip of the tongue that creates an uncomfortable situation for Shannon.
A Big Move
Episode overview
18, 2021
After Wade helps Shannon’s ex-husband find a job, his assistance has unintended consequences for their relationship.
In Memory Of…
Episode overview
25, 2021
Natalie realizes that her memories of her mom are starting to fade when Michelle and Delia have a memorial to honor Wade’s wife. Also, Forrest and Ben get competitive when their kids enter a fundraising contest at school.
So Far Away
Episode overview
04, 2021
When Wade and Shannon have trouble connecting while they are living far apart, he is forced to consider the realistic future of their relationship. Also, Forrest starts suffering from .. show full overview
Out With the Old
Episode overview
18, 2021
Wade, Forrest and Ben decide to schedule colonoscopy appointments at the same time after they learn that Ben is scared to go. Also, Michelle tries to avoid her sister Meg’s boyfriend drama, but Delia winds up getting over-involved in Meg’s issues.
Put Your Mask on First
Episode overview
18, 2021
Wade comes to terms with putting his relationship with Shannon in the past and starts dating again. Also, Delia realizes why she has been so controlling her whole life, and Michelle .. show full overview