The Walking Dead

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  • : 2010
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Season 1 Sneak Peak
11, 2010
A preview of the upcoming series.
The Making of The Walking Dead
11, 2010
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Inside The Walking Dead: Days Gone By
31, 2010
Behind the scenes of Episode 1
Inside The Walking Dead: Guts
07, 2010
Behind the scenes of episode 2
Inside The Walking Dead: Tell it to the Frogs
14, 2010
Behind the scenes of Episode 3
Inside The Walking Dead: Vatos
21, 2010
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Inside The Walking Dead: Wildfire
28, 2010
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: TS-19
05, 2010
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Inside The Walking Dead: Nebraska
12, 2011
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Torn Apart (1) A New Day
03, 2011
Hannah awakens to find her kids missing after a violent car accident.
Torn Apart (2) Family Matters
03, 2011
Hannah has an emotional reunion with her kids and seeks refuge in her ex-husband Andrew’s home. While tending to her wounds, Hannah and Andrew try to make sense of the chaotic new world that surrounds them.
Torn Apart (3) Domestic Violence
03, 2011
Judy’s effort to save a stranger leads to a deadly encounter with Andrew.
Torn Apart (4) Neighborly Advice
03, 2011
Andrew goes to his neighbor Palmer’s basement in search of guns and supplies. Once there, the two have a man to man conversation and finally come to an understanding with one another.
Torn Apart (5) Step Mother
03, 2011
Hannah and Judy struggle for control of the children.
Torn Apart (6) Everything Dies
03, 2011
The family makes a desperate attempt to get to safety amid a rapidly growing swarm of walkers.
Inside The Walking Dead: What Lies Ahead
16, 2011
Andrew Lincoln and his costars from The Walking Dead talk about developing their characters, a wrenching storyline, and more zombie killing in the thrilling season 2 premiere.
Inside The Walking Dead: Bloodletting
23, 2011
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: Save the Last One
30, 2011
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: Cherokee Rose
06, 2011
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: Chupacabra
13, 2011
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: Secrets
20, 2011
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already
27, 2011
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger
19, 2012
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out
26, 2012
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner.
04, 2012
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: Better Angels
11, 2012
This extra has no summary.
Inside The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire
18, 2012
This extra has no summary.
Cold Storage: Hide and Seek
01, 2012
Chase seeks refuge from a horde of walkers in an abandoned storage facility. However, he may not be the only survivor left there.
Cold Storage: Keys to the Kingdom
01, 2012
B.J. gives Chase a tour of the storage facility. But despite his affable demeanor, B.J. may be hiding a dark secret.
Cold Storage: The Chosen Ones
01, 2012
In order to keep the electricity flowing, Chase must venture into the darkness to help B.J. reset the generators.
Cold Storage: Parting Shots
01, 2012
Chase discovers B.J.’s dark secret. While attempting to escape, Chase is confronted by B.J. and the two engage in a final standoff.
The Oath: Alone
01, 2013
Paul and Karina escape their ravaged and overrun camp, but a mortal injury sends them on an urgent mission to find medical help.
The Oath: Choice
01, 2013
Karina encounters an unexpected survivor in the medical facility as Paul's health deteriorates.
The Oath: Bond
01, 2013
Karina and Paul are forced to make life and death choices.
Inside The Walking Dead
08, 2014
Footage from the show; elements of production of "The Walking Dead"; bringing the series together.
Inside The Walking Dead: Walker University
15, 2014
Greg Nicotero takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating the shows 'walkers'. Featuring interviews with actors, costume designers and special effects people at The Walking Dead's own Zombie School.
A Look at Season 6
24, 2016
A look back at season 6.
The Journey So Far
16, 2016
In this special episode the producers and cast of the show reflect on the events and characters throughout the first six seasons.
The Walking Dead: Retrospective
16, 2017
An emotional look back celebrating the 99 episode journey that lead to Season 8.
Behind The Dead (100 Episodes Special)
19, 2017
Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and the rest of the cast and crew reflect on the history and celebrate reaching the 100th episode of The Walking Dead.
Walker World
20, 2017
Greg Nicotero and KNB EFX Group bring their zombies to life and interview the cast and crew, including Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus.
The Journey So Far (2017)
21, 2017
The cast and producers of The Walking Dead recount the epic journey that the characters have experienced through the first seven seasons of the show.
Red Machete: Behind Us
22, 2017
This extra has no summary.
Red Machete: Sorrowful
19, 2017
This extra has no summary.
Red Machete: Made to Suffer
10, 2017
This extra has no summary.
Red Machete: What We Become
25, 2018
This extra has no summary.
Red Machete: Gone
20, 2018
This extra has no summary.
Red Machete: We Find Ourselves
09, 2018
This extra has no summary.
Wrapping Up Season 8
30, 2018
An overview of Season 8.