The Vicar of Dibley

  • : 1994
  • : 21
  • : 94
  • BBC One
  • 20
  • Comedy


The Easter Bunny
Episode overview
08, 1996
With Lent approaching Geraldine suggests that everybody give something up and contribute a pound to charity if they fail - in her case chocolate, which is a real challenge for her. Also, she visits the ailing Mrs. Cropley, who has a strange request.
The Christmas Lunch Incident
Episode overview
25, 1996
Geraldine is so popular that everybody wants her round for Christmas dinner so she won't be alone— Jim and Frank, Alice and her family—who are even more bizarre than Alice herself and .. show full overview
Ballykissdibley - Comic Relief
Episode overview
14, 1997
Geraldine finds herself really enjoying a clergy exchange program when a handsome young priest from Ireland comes to visit her in Dibley.
The Epilogues
Episode overview
21, 1999
A compilation of the show's comedic dialogs between Geraldine and Alice found at the end of many of the episodes. (DVD Disc 5)
Celebrity Party - Comic Relief
Episode overview
12, 1999
A film crew decide to make a film—starring Johnny Depp—in Dibley. David is, of course, opposed to the idea, but everyone else votes against him. Geraldine invites Johnny Depp and his friends to the vicarage for drinks,
The Real Vicars of Dibley
Episode overview
01, 2002
Inspired by the BBC comedy, this look at real-life irreverent reverends includes interviews with the stars of the sitcom, including its writer Richard Curtis , and offers a potted history of the priesthood as seen on TV.
Dibley Defrocked
Episode overview
01, 2004
Behind-the-scenes clips of the process of making an episode of The Vicar of Dibley.
Christmas Specials 2004: Merry Christmas
Episode overview
25, 2004
While Geraldine is celebrating her 10th year in Dibley she is accused of being Gay as Alice spreads gossip when she found Rachel Hunter dressing in the Vicar's house and Geraldine letting out certain 'hints',
Christmas Specials 2004: Happy New Year
Episode overview
01, 2005
When it's Geraldine's 40th birthday she doesn’t want anyone to make fuss but they instead decide to cheer her up they send her to a dating agency, but when she sees all the council have .. show full overview
Comic Relief - Antiques Roadshow
Episode overview
11, 2005
This 15min short was made for Comic Relief (a big British charity which raises loads of money). When the Antiques Roadshow comes into town everyone gets excited.
Christmas Specials 2006: The Handsome Stranger
Episode overview
25, 2006
After Geraldine learns that she has officiated at 100 weddings, the community becomes angry as Londoners start moving into their village. After Alice reads 'The Da Vinci Code' she .. show full overview
Christmas Specials 2006: The Vicar in White
Episode overview
01, 2007
Geraldine marries Harry with the village in tow as wedding planners. Owen tries one last time to get the Vicar to be with him. The theme of the wedding is the surprisingly non-traditional, 'Doctor Who'.
The Story of Dibley
Episode overview
10, 2007
Behind the scenes special, with interviews with the cast and crew.
Comic Relief - Celebrity Wife Swap
Episode overview
16, 2007
Geraldine gets Sting in a Vicar of Dibley celebrity wife swap
The Vicar of Dibley's 40 Greatest Moments
Episode overview
13, 2007
This extra has no summary.
The Story Of Dibley
Episode overview
31, 2007
Cast and crew come together for a surprising, funny journey through the story of one of television's best loved sitcoms.
Comic Relief - Women Bishops
Episode overview
03, 2013
Geraldine and the parishioners head to London to vote on Women Bishops, but make the mistake of sending Jim to cast the vote. Meanwhile, Geraldine flirts with an attractive vicar (Damian .. show full overview
Comic Relief - The Bishop of Dibley
Episode overview
13, 2015
After taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge (which itself goes astray), Geraldine gets an offer to become Bishop. A confusion on her behalf, however, leaves her last in the running .. show full overview
Comic Relief - The Big Night In
Episode overview
23, 2020
Following the lockdown caused by COVID-19, Geraldine gives a short service to her parishioners from her home. She describes her efforts to tidy up the mountain of Easter eggs, and issues .. show full overview
In Lockdown: Episode 1
Episode overview
07, 2020
The nation's favourite vicar returns to offer her thoughts about lockdown and social distancing, and tries to persuade her parisioners to use their time indoors to catch up on their Bible reading.
In Lockdown: Episode 2
Episode overview
14, 2020
The vicar learns that it is better to write her sermons sober, experiences the joy of going outside again and remembers her wonderful verger Alice.
In Lockdown: Episode 3
Episode overview
21, 2020
The winner of the Dibley mask competition is announced, Hugo sets a new record, and Christmas comes close.
In Lockdown: Compilation
Episode overview
23, 2020
The nation's favourite vicar muses upon lockdown, social distancing, masks and absent friends. Contains some previously unseen material.
The Vicar of Dibley: Inside Out
Episode overview
06, 2021
Dawn French and Richard Curtis take viewers on a joyful stroll down memory lane as they look back at their favourite Dibley moments, and for the first time, tell the definitive story of .. show full overview
Comic Relief 2021
Episode overview
19, 2021
This extra has no summary.
Comedy Classic: The Vicar Of Dibley
Episode overview
24, 2022
Celebrating the legendary comedy with clips and insights from the cast and celebrity fans.