The Responder

  • : 2022
  • : 5
  • : 100
  • BBC One
  • 21
  • Crime Drama



Episode 1
Episode overview
24, 2022
Police response officer Chris is struggling to keep a grip on his mental health and marriage when he is offered a path to redemption in the form of a young heroin addict.
Episode 2
Episode overview
25, 2022
Chris must juggle rookie Rachel while tracking down Casey after Carl threatens his family. Casey puts her trust in a friend to hide her from Carl.
Episode 3
Episode overview
31, 2022
Chris plans to hand the drugs in, until Carl makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Rachel strikes a deal with Mullen, but Chris' behaviour makes her feel conflicted.
Episode 4
Episode overview
01, 2022
Chris reaches rock bottom. Rachel begins to suspect Mullen may not be all he appears, and Casey teams up with Marco to find a buyer.
Episode 5
Episode overview
02, 2022
Chris is forced to work for a major drug dealer to return the drugs stolen by Casey. When Rachel needs his help urgently, Chris must decide where his loyalties truly lie.