The Real Housewives of Toronto

  • 10.0
  • : 2017
  • : 10
  • : 19



New Friends, Old Faces
Episode overview
07, 2017
Ann and Stephen Mulholland invite some of Toronto’s most interesting women to a 'procedure party.' Things get tense when it’s determined they share some awkward history with some of their guests.
Fasten Your Seatbelts
Episode overview
14, 2017
After winning over most of the ladies at the 'procedure party', Roxy’s plans for a Tequila party with her new friends go sideways, when she is unexpectedly confronted at a dog park.
Docks and Debauchery
Episode overview
21, 2017
All the women pack their bags to head to their luxurious lakeside Muskoka retreats and attend Joan’s infamous Dock Party… but will the rumours of debauchery, skinny-dipping and tension with Roxy ultimately scare Kara off?
Midsummer's Nightmare
Episode overview
28, 2017
While the other housewives recover from Joan’s dock blow-out, Kara frets over the details of her upcoming dinner party. But with an amazing chef, cheese flown in from Italy and specially inscribed gifts for her guests what could possibly go wrong?
Bruised Egos & Broken Ribs
Episode overview
04, 2017
The ladies throw Roxy a surprise birthday party to make up for the botched celebrations in Muskoka, but the biggest surprise comes when Kara shares the news of a recent injury, and Joan receives a hostess gift filled to the brim with meaning.
All Frocked Up
Episode overview
11, 2017
Roxy is shocked by some gossip her Lash Girl shares with her and doesn’t know what to do with the information. Meanwhile, Ann has a surprising proposal for her husband Stephen and Kara .. show full overview
The Spanish Inquisition
Episode overview
18, 2017
Jana and Grego are reeling from the gossip Roxy shared with them and decide to take the bull by the horns, but doing so unexpectedly leads to Joan confronting Roxy at Jana’s charity event.
Wish You Weren’t Here
Episode overview
25, 2017
The housewives enjoy a whirlwind trip to beautiful Barcelona, but return to Toronto to discover many unresolved issues await them.
Wearing White, Seeing Red
Episode overview
02, 2017
Joan and Kara finally confront one another at a shocking lunch. Kara further escalates the emotions when she shows up at Pierre’s Birthday party, pushing the Wolf Pack to go on the attack!
Burying the Hatchet and Tying the Knot
Episode overview
09, 2017
With Ann’s wedding vow renewal fast approaching, Roxy and Jana plan a risqué stagette, but Ann is finding it hard to hear her wedding bells with all the fighting among the wives. She .. show full overview