The Real Housewives of Sydney

  • 6.0
  • : 2017
  • : 12
  • : 27



Jatz Crakers
Episode overview
26, 2017
In our first meeting with the housewives, two of the woman are just back from stints living overseas as ex pats.
Branch of Olive
Episode overview
05, 2017
Victoria confides in Krissy that she's thinking of tracking down her long lost father who mysteriously left home when she was a toddler.
Greek Goddess
Episode overview
12, 2017
Nicole goes house hunting for a multi million dollar family pad, but things seem a little strained on the home front for Lisa and David.
All At Sea
Episode overview
19, 2017
AthenaX is quizzed on her 'veganism' at dinner thanks to her gifted ivory bracelet and soon shifts the subject to the joy of sex, oblivious to the nerve she's hitting with Lisa.
For Art's Sake
Episode overview
26, 2017
Lisa departs the Whitsundays early. Later, all hell breaks loose at AthenaX's art exhibition as Lisa and Athena gang up on the other Ladies.
Persian Party
Episode overview
02, 2017
Bring on the caviar, 24 carat gold flakes and 100 year aged balsamic vinegar. When Matty throws a party, money is no object!
Heartfelt Charity
Episode overview
09, 2017
With the group clearly divided, Melissa must decide whether or not to extend the invitation to AthenaX and Lisa to join her and the other ladies in Singapore.
Singapore Slings
Episode overview
16, 2017
In Singapore, Melissa takes Nicole along to her photoshoot with Daniel Boey. But when Daniel asks Melissa to trust him, she worries that the photoshoot may be taking a weird turn.
Hotel Ruffles
Episode overview
23, 2017
Krissy, Nicole and AthenaX meet for an early dip in the infinity pool where they wash away the fall out of another explosive gathering.
Anti Aging
Episode overview
30, 2017
Marilyn can't believe her ears when she hears that Victoria met her half-sister and is even more stunned to hear that AthenaX continued to run amok overseas.
Fur Wedding
Episode overview
07, 2017
Athena hosts Lisa, Nicole and Krissy at an opulent breakfast at Levendi. Gossip turns to rumour amid talks that Charles Billich sleeps with his muses, Matty being one of them.
Episode overview
14, 2017
It doesn't take long for things to heat up when spiritual goddess, Athena and straight shooting, Victoria go head-to-head.