The Only Way is Essex

  • 6.0
  • : 2010
  • : 309
  • : 109



Episode 1
Episode overview
15, 2012
Joey moves into a bachelor pad with new flatmate Tom, and Lauren Goodger opens up about her weight struggles to Lydia. Arg unveils his latest look, and also throw a marathon benefit .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
18, 2012
Joey relaunches his Reem night with a bang, and Cara and Mick spend the day together. Gemma reveals what happened on her date with Charlie, while Arg trains for the London marathon.
Episode 3
Episode overview
22, 2012
Arg, Billie and Cara continue their marathon training with the help of Ricardo, while Mario and Ricky tease Little Chris over his failed attempt at chatting up Frankie. Elsewhere, .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
25, 2012
Arg, Billie and Cara take part in the London Marathon, while Bobby receives plastic-surgery advice from Chloe and Lauren P. Charlie has a heart-to-heart with Gemma after she is revealed as Ricky's mystery texter.
Episode 5
Episode overview
29, 2012
Billie, Cara and Arg recover after completing the London Marathon. Chloe's daughter Madison spends her birthday at the farm, and Lucy and Mario celebrate their one-year anniversary. Plus, Joey surprises Sam with a special date.
Episode 6
Episode overview
13, 2012
Mick celebrates his birthday with a Las Vegas themed birthday party at the Sugar Hut, Tom P asks Lauren P out on a wine tasting date.
Episode 7
Episode overview
16, 2012
Sam throws a dinner party, while Gemma reveals her new mystery man. Tom P and Lauren P go on a date at a vineyard and Cara and Billie go on the warpath with Arg over their argument with Jess.
Episode 8
Episode overview
20, 2012
The girl Tom K has been texting is revealed, causing some unhappiness. Joey is in trouble with Sam, and Nanny Pat gets new dentures. Plus, the gossip after Lauren P and Tom P's .. show full overview
Episode 9
Episode overview
23, 2012
Gemma confronts Charlie in the ultimate showdown over Gemma confronting Charlie on his sexuality. Sam and Joey decide to give their relationship another go.
Episode 10
Episode overview
27, 2012
Lauren Goodger confronts Tom P about his lie to Lauren Pope and she also revealed she has reached out to Jessica to make amends and misses Lauren Pope's friendship. Also, during a .. show full overview